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21 August 2009 / April

Okay, enough summer

Let’s go to college.

I head to Williams in less than two weeks.  Initially that seemed frighteningly soon, because dude, there is no way I’m actually going to be a college student.  Forget the cashiers at Autumn Leaves who think I’m a grad student; I’m not ready for college.  My only comfort is knowing that nothing will make me ready for college besides just going to college, which incidentally is exactly what I’m planning to do on September 2.

Then I spent a couple days at home– sadly the home in the Middle of Nowhere, not the home in the Middle of Everywhere.  My two jobs are over.  Footloose is over.  Facebook is filling up with announcements of friends moving into dorms or about to do so within the week.  It’s been raining on and off all day.  And suddenly, two weeks is a very long time.

Pretty much the only remotely interesting thing I’ve done is volunteer at the library and be incredibly amused by the punning possibilities of “right to bear arms.”  Also I saw some epic crocheted hyperbolic surfaces.


Sorry, everyone who is loving summer and has no reason to look forward to returning to school.  I’m just bored.  And impatient.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Aug 22 2009 12:48 pm

    Do some Project Euler problems 😛

  2. Kati / Aug 23 2009 10:01 pm

    Dearest friend whose college is on the same schedule as my own, I feel yo pain. Seriously, let’s just go to college now. Except now I’m working on Little Shop as a remedy for the fact that I hate doing nothing…but still, the summer feels over already and yet its shadow is being dragged out.

    damn that sounds way more emo than it should.
    I would say PA Little Shop with me, but there’s already too little to do for 2 ASMs, 1 PA, 1 SM and a SMentor. So my job is Aram-nannying (which is pretty much ideal anyway.)
    How is it being moved back?

    • April / Aug 23 2009 10:11 pm

      I am probably far too incompetent to be a PA. But the tragic thing is, they apparently still need a rehearsal pianist for Little Shop (I hope you’ll tell me that they’ve found one by now…), and I would so totally be there if I didn’t have to leave halfway through. Sadtimes.

      As for being moved back… it kind of sucks, but not to nearly the extent of suckage you would experience if you moved back, so I’m not complaining.

  3. Kati / Aug 24 2009 3:02 pm

    Erica was talking about the Little Shop accompanist situation (and how sad they are that you’re leaving.) I suggested Sarah Beckwith, and they were like “Oh! Yeah! Let’s contact her!” So hopefully we’ll have someone soon.
    And I doubt you’d be more incompetent than me. Thank god there’s Aram so I can be productive by doing something I wouldn’t mess up like crazy.

    But look on the bright side! You’ve got woodlands and scenery now!

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