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19 August 2009 / April

Kayaking, mud pie, Rent

On Monday I went kayaking for the first time, taking advantage of my mom’s friend Tim’s kayak and access to Cayuga Lake.  We had to wait till evening, since as you may recall, Monday was blazing hot.

Being out on the lake around sunset, on such still waters, was incredibly peaceful and lovely.  And after I got over my gut-wrenching fear of drowning and my general incompetence, it was pretty fun too.



That’s Amy, not me, by the way.  She explicitly wanted to be in this blog entry, so even though she already was at the time of her request, I thought I would take the extra trouble to point out her presence.  You’re welcome.

Afterwards we proceeded to regain any calories we might have lost in the kayaking via our traditional stomach-exploding dinner, this time at Joe’s Restaurant.  I’m usually painfully indecisive when choosing meals (or anything really), but things were particularly difficult that evening because there was literally nothing on the menu that I didn’t want to eat.  Italian food is so damn good.

Dessert was mud pie.  To quote the menu:

A dark chocolate crust filled with coffee ice cream and topped with hot fudge and whipped cream.

We weren’t really sure what sort of portion sizes to expect, but it was actually like a huge 90 degree slice with a vast sea of hot fudge asymmetrically situated on one side of the pie, in which the rare fragments of crust kept getting submerged and lost.  Our hypothesis: the cap of the hot fudge dispenser fell off during the pouring, thus releasing an unexpected uncontrollable deluge of hot fudge that had to be matched by an equally voluminous slice of pie.  Anyway, it was delicious.

The next day’s dinner was less elaborate, but also less expensive, plus it involved more Katarina and MUCH more post-Footloose gushing/reminiscing.  We literally talked about Footloose for an entire hour.  Good times.

Then we met up with about a dozen more Footloose people at the Hangar Theatre for RENT!  Which was awesome for lots of reasons: 1) seeing Footloose people, woo! 2) our good friends Carol and Elias were in the volunteer community ensemble, woo! 3) the show was damn impressive, woo! 4) it was my first time seeing Rent after having listened to the CD a whole lot, woo!

I was quite literally on the edge of my chair out of sheer excitement for some of my favorite numbers.  And yeah, I’m pretty sure our whole gang was singing along to “Seasons of Love” at the curtain call.

Then six of us squished our way across the swamp of the Hangar Theatre lawn (there had been a wicked thunderstorm that afternoon) and squished into Adam’s not particularly spacious car for the drive back into town.

Hanging out with Katarina (and remembering that she is indeed Katarina and not Ariel), watching Rent (and the pit during Rent– god that’s got to be an intensely amazing show to play for), seeing photos on Facebook and Footloose still on the front of the marquee at the State Theatre, basically everything else going on in my life (which is not much)…… some serious post-show blues going on here.

I mean, passing the high school used to remind me of, um, high school.  Now it reminds me of walking past the high school en route to and from rehearsals at the youth bureau.  That is probably going to be a short-lived mental association, but still: there is something wrong with that.


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