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10 August 2009 / April

Not cool. So not cool.

This morning I had my first doctor’s appointment since, apparently, 2005.  I won’t lie: having not had one in so long, I was actually a really nervous.  And my fears were confirmed when, after failing at my eye test (WHY DO MY EYES CONTINUE TO SUCK SO MUCH), the nurse looked at my records and told me serenely that there was no hope for me and I would have to be shot.

Just kidding.  But she did tell me that I would probably need four or five shots. And then she laughed.

When my doctor came in, he told me he would never give anyone five shots at a time.  But three, maybe.  Three shots is plenty of shots for me.  I am a little achy.  I am not pleased about this.

Afterwards I met Amy for second breakfast.  My coffee exploded and Amy almost killed a small child.  It was very eventful.  Then we took the scenic route back to my mom’s office, and by “scenic route” I mean “Amy drove past the office twice,” then I bought fruit (yay fruit!), then I retired to my air-conditioned abode.  Good god it is hot and humid outside.

In other news, yesterday was tech rehearsal at the State Theatre.  I haven’t been in the State since my last Nutcracker with the Ithaca Ballet just after the theatre reopened, which I guess was like over seven years ago.  It’s a grand theatre; I was pretty thrilled to be there.

Then, of course, I was basically useless for the rehearsal itself, because though we had a whole box of cords to use with my old school keyboard, were any of them able to bring power to it?  Of course not.  That would be too good to be true.

So our already compact pit was diminished, via various conflicts and technical issues, to just a bassist and one keyboardist.  I hung out to watch a little, since it was probably (hopefully) my only opportunity to see the show with most of the costumes and the incredible set.  Also Mikey obviously needed someone to trip over his power cord and make things EXCITING, and who better qualified than I?

Presumably, the correct cord will have made its way to the State by rehearsal this evening.  Because I need to learn how to use my keyboard.



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  1. Kati / Aug 10 2009 3:42 pm

    Sorry you had to watch tech. I hope it wasn’t too painful (though tech usually is when the actors get their bad acting out. Not on purpose, but it just happens. Or at least, to me it did. And I hope it’s all done with.)

    Please don’t die of vaccination overdose, now. We need our keyboard II.

    …and our Apri.

    • April / Aug 10 2009 4:09 pm

      Oh, I didn’t have to watch tech. I chose to watch tech. It wasn’t so bad since I was equipped with an iPhone to use during holds…

      And yeah, if I end up deliriously feverish today or tomorrow, that’s my immune system acting up and not me getting sick and infecting you all.

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