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6 August 2009 / April

In which happy things happen

Technically, we didn’t have a space for our very first pit orchestra rehearsal yesterday.  But Mikey is more bold than I am with regards to sneaking into IC and pretending to have reserved Presser rehearsal room, because oh we so totally did.

And if you think, with Footloose opening in a week an all, that our first pit rehearsal was a little late, I should note that we still don’t even have a guitar 1 player to play the “mother of guitar solos” in the finale.

Nor do we have a keyboard for me to use at the State, and by “use” I mean learn how to use, because I remember spending many a period in the practice room learning what buttons to press to make my keyboard sound like a kalimba for Aida, and my secret worst fear is that Mikey won’t procure a keyboard till like opening night and I’ll have to learn on the wing and I will sound like a failure and make everyone else sound like a failure too.

Anyway!  Mikey and I played Steinway grands for rehearsal, and it was pretty awesome.  What’s really awesome, though, is that the rest of the pit was sightreading and still kicked ass.

Then there was other rehearsal, which was in a barn/dance studio, where I also played a real piano and which was also pretty awesome.  The location was also beautiful.  I got to enjoy this view out the window, when I got a chance to peek at it.


At least, that’s all I could see of it until Joey spontaneously called a break to the intense dancing so we could all admire the sunset, which was, needless to say, a thousand times more gorgeous than this.


Then a bunch of us went to Friendly’s to eat ice cream under a huge orange moon.  Which was pretty much a perfect ending to the day.

Today, Yi-Ran called me to meet up with her at CTB, and by the time I got there she had fortuitously happened upon Molly and Talia!  And while walking back home I fortuitously happened upon Benika and Michaela!  And while walking to rehearsal I fortuitously happened upon Magen and Bri, whom I actually haven’t seen since we went to Europe together in 2006!  And by this point I was thinking, “What is with these consecutive fortuitous happening-upons?” and I was happy.

Then I fortuitously happened upon a Footloose designer run through, with pit, and I fortuitously joined in on a decent keyboard (though not one with the sound patches I need, grr), and I fortuitously had yogurt-covered pretzels to munch on and share with my new pit orchestra buddies during intermission.  Unfortuitously, we were arranged such that I was the only one in the entire room with my back to the stage, so I couldn’t watch the show.  I’m pretty sure that was malicious intent on Mikey’s part.  I asked if we could rotate around for the second half and he made up some crap about needing to watch because he’s the director.  Psh, whatever.

Anyway.  It was good.



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  1. gabrielhaneytellis / Aug 7 2009 9:11 am

    hahah this is funny
    youve got a somewhat humorous view on things
    im also a pianist :]
    high school senior though

    • April / Aug 7 2009 9:00 pm

      Hah, thanks. And yay pianists!

  2. Kati / Aug 10 2009 3:46 pm

    Ahahahaha! The “mother of all guitar solos” note in the score made my day when I saw it.

    And damn, that’s a fortuitous day.

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