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2 August 2009 / April

This is not a rant about people a person

Instead, this is a description of the time this evening when I was lying on my bed doing something important and I heard a sound.  A… wet, sticky sound.  Coming from under my bed.

My mind hurriedly explored a number of possible causes before it settled on one, a not unappealing one.  I shuffled across the vast expanse of my bed, passing several towns and small civilizations on the way*, and poked my head over the edge to peer underneath.

Yes, it was the cat.

I’m not used to living in a house with a cat, or to being in a bed where a nonhuman animal is anywhere in the vicinity since I don’t let my own dog into my room at home.  This is also the only cat I’ve encountered that has not inspired an allergic reaction in me.  This cat seems to like me.  And I like this cat.  Discovering it snoozing under my bed filled me with great, unjustified, totally needless yet totally necessary, joy.

Today was not a particularly happy day, a fact I blame squarely on the weather and possibly the person (not) afore-mentioned but mostly the weather, seriously.  Some things improved it though, including funkalicious keyboards and popsicles.  And the cat.

*The bed given for my use at Maddie’s house: frickin’ huge.


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