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30 July 2009 / April

Assuming my internet lasts long enough for this to post

So I’m still here and still alive. Though if these allergies have their way with me, I won’t be for long. Seriously, the humidity should just go die. Actually, I’ve decided that it’s not so much the humidity as MY HOUSE that I’m allergic to. This is an unfortunate circumstance indeed.

My house: where the cell service blows, the internet dies on rainy days, the piano has still not been tuned or repaired, and the nearest bus stop is a half hour walk away. I’d almost forgotten how lovely it is not to live downtown.

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m home for the weekend before Sunday’s epic Footloose rehearsal. Oh man, Footloose. I’ll save my compulsive gushing for another day (and another, and another…), but let me just say that of you’re not already Facebook-stalking someone in the show and marveling at the photos/videos being produced, you should proceed to do so immediately. This blog post can wait. Photos of our director and stage manager in blinding sequins clothing will not.

At any rate.  I was going to write something two (three?  Time has lost all meaning to me) days ago, but then bats attacked (the flying furry kind, not the wooden ones) and Evvie decided to sleep in my (temporary) room– and bring the puppy.  Also we went on an epic quest to find online towers (the card game, also known as palace, shithead, and karma– which did not help my Google-fu).  Ergo, distraction.

Then I was going to write yesterday, but I forgot to lug my laptop to Candor where I would be hanging out at rehearsal completely unnecessarily for two hours.  That was okay though, because watching was still quite entertaining.  (“Coming up soon: squirrels that juggle torches!  But first, the weather.”  Joey wins the fake newscast award.)

Then I hung around another hour at the castle while I waited for my mom to come get me, except I hadn’t realized it would be an hour so I didn’t bother trying to blog during that time.  Long story.  Incidentally, that is also why I skipped dinner yesterday.  My eating schedule is actually completely whacked up.

In related news, yogurt-covered pretzels are still delicious.

In other news, I am hugely fond of everyone who has allowed me to bum rides off them to and from Candor, which is a depressingly far location for rehearsals though the cornfields are pretty I GUESS.  The half-hour drive does make for fun carpooling conversations though, which may or may not have involved ruthless teasing of Kati’s newest amor.  (Look at me not laughing!  Aren’t you proud?)


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