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27 July 2009 / April


I woke from the sun shining in the windows (someday I’ll remember to close the curtains at night), rolled over, picked up my iPhone, and checked the Footloose rehearsal schedule for the week.  I believe this is an instance of information addiction.

Anyway, it turns out I didn’t have rehearsal today.  Probably because they realized they actually need a competent pianist.  Though I guess they still want me the rest of the week?  Except according to Mikey they don’t?  Except Mikey might not know what he’s talking about and I think I’ll trust the schedule instead of him?

It’s okay, all it meant was that I had a really relaxing day.  I wandered downstairs sometime in the mid-morning and Evvie (Maddie’s sister… one of them) informed me that someone had to eat up the leftover chocolate frosting from the aardvark cake.

So the first thing I ate today was a spoonful of chocolate frosting.  Trust me, a spoonful was enough.  It was actually more like fudge in that it was very thick, very chocolatey, very delicious, and very not breakfast food.

The last thing I ate today, incidentally, was also a spoonful of chocolate frosting.


I went a little crazy modifying this picture of puppy and now an iPhone photo looks like an oil painting.


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