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23 July 2009 / April

The excitement never ends

Fortunately for all parties involved, the audience at Viva La Femme was cheering too loudly in many places for anyone to hear me as I squinted at my music and tried to find my errant pedal and fell off my lofty bar stool.  Also, the singers and dancers and actresses, and drummer and trumpetist too, pretty much drowned me out with sheer overwhelming talent.

So in other words, I had a blast last night.  I still can’t get my brain around just how quickly everyone pulled that show together.  If you missed it, you missed Kasia’s glow stick stripping act and Travis in drag.  You should probably go to your corner and weep now.

I came home at about 11:45 and was mortified to discover that I did not have a key to the house, so I would probably have to wake someone to let me in.  Gah!  Luckily, Maddie is a teenager, so of course she was awake, and of course we stayed up even longer discussing ninjary and the like.

Then I went to Suzuki Institute at 7:30 and nearly died of uncaffeinated exhaustion and random severe allergic outbreaks.  So the first three hours or so of today sucked a lot.

Then I had coffee.  And my day, perhaps not entirely coincidentally, improved dramatically.

I had four freaking hours of free time to eat a real lunch and actually look at Footloose music.  I definitely spent some of that time singing along to the recording of “Holding Out For A Hero” while all the good little Suzuki kids practiced Bach and Seitz in the practice rooms around me.  I am definitely awesome.

I’ve decided that book 3 classes, or maybe book 3 to early book 4, are my favorite ones to accompany.  They’re mature enough that they can play cool games (like totally mixing up the sections of Martini Gavotte), advanced enough that they don’t have to spent eons working on bow holds– but not so advanced that they’re going to make me play Vivaldi.

Wegmans!  Gelato!

I delayed my figuring-out-transportation a little too much, so I ended up leaving a little late for Footloose rehearsal… and walking.  The walk from downtown to the youth bureau is usually about 45 minutes for me.  I left at 5:39.  I was called for 6:15.  No way in hell would they be happy with an accompanist wandering in 9 minutes late for like a 20 minute rehearsal.

I did a lot of running across roads against red lights.

But I got there at 6:09.  Six minutes early!  Take that, universe!  That triumphal feeling, that’s why I love walking places.

The rehearsal actually made me so much more excited about Footloose than I was before, if that’s even possible.  First of all, I didn’t spend the entire time feeling like an idiot.  (Just the dance breaks that I had to play.)  This is what looking at the music beforehand will do for you.

Secondly, the energy that Erica (vocal director) and Mikey (music director) had, and transferred to the performers, was completely exhilarating.  It actually reminded me of the time I spent in Prague last summer, for the Hartwick Choral Festival.  Not because the music was anything similar, but because of that sense of total commitment and enthusiasm that has a way of filling rooms and reminding their occupants why they do what they do.  If that makes any sense.

I walked “home” after I was released at 8:30.  And there were lovely people in the kitchen, baking deliciousness and breaking glass.  The excitement just never ends.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Jul 23 2009 11:43 pm

    I’m pretty sure it’s “ninjutsu”.

    Frou Frou did an awesome cover of Holding Out for a Hero, it’s on the Shrek 2 soundtrack.

  2. Kati / Jul 25 2009 8:43 pm

    ^I like “ninjary.”
    So tharr. But Frou Frou’s Hero? Really?

    But April, my dad- the person who almost never expresses positive things and is vehemently critical of musicians- said that you carried the pit/music. And then I informed him of how little time you’d had to learn the music…

    Anyhoo, I’m soooo happy so hear that you’re enjoying Footloose! And doodlez (it’s a word for “dude”, as of right now?), you could have gotten a ride from us back home! Or there (though our times didn’t match up, I guess?) But Reesh will have car access as soon as she gets back on Monday, so we’ll just plan on giving you a rides there and back with us, no?

    I’ve gotta say, I’ve performed Hero a fofamaschmillion times, and I still sing along to the recording. Especially the Dutch one (no really, it’s incredible. I can’t tell if it’s the kickass “ah” vowels or just her voice, but this shit is the shit.

    Lastly- I LOVE when that happens (you’re walking/biking somewhere and you leave later than you should have and you know you’ll be late and you engage in speed ninjary and get there early.) When you get there, it’s like there’s a choir of exhausted little angels singing. Or rather, humming until they catch their breath.

    • April / Jul 25 2009 9:21 pm

      Wow, tell your dad a sincere “thank you” from me. And I hope he enjoyed the performance (not just my part in it) and at least acknowledged all the work you put into it.

      I appreciate your willingness to provide transportation sooo much! I usually get released earlier and/or called later than you, so while the rehearsals were at the youth bureau I didn’t mind walking– but when they’re farther I’ll definitely hit you up for rides.

      By the way, while looking up Frou Frou’s Hero cover I found this, which amused me greatly:

  3. Kati / Jul 25 2009 8:44 pm

    Wow. Clearly I haven’t commented on your blog in too long and needed to get it out of my system.

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