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11 July 2009 / April

Rain and rainbows

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS, this is going to be so amazingly quickly written your head will spin, because I am so tired my head is, coincidentally, spinning.

Okay.  So.  The day starts out slowly because I just go downtown, drink coffee served by the hot cashier at Autumn Leaves (wait, what?), read books, go online, eat Chinese food, etc.

At a little past 2, I decided to ignore the threatening rainclouds (to quote my poetic weather forecast, there was “a thunderstorm on the prowl” today) and just go ahead and walk to Stewart Park for Kati’s party.  Of course, it started raining before I reached the high school.  But I was PREPARED, because I had an UMBRELLA, which I promptly DEPLOYED.  Oh man, I am never going to use umbrellas anymore.  I shall only deploy them.

There was a single car in the parking lot behind K Building.  I wonder what poor soul was left working at IHS.

There was CHEESE at the party.  Cheese and awesome people and a fluffy dog and lots of pesto.  Unfortunately, there was also lots of rain.  Every time I go to a party at Stewart Park, it rains.  At least there weren’t tornadoes this time.

So we made a happy parade of cars off to Kati’s parents’ house in the boonies, where we consumed yet more food and then the sun came out and we tie dyed except I didn’t because I didn’t want to play piano at a recital with purple hands though that might have been amusing which reminds me that EGG is an amusing word because two thirds of its letters are “g” and there aren’t many words like that.

Deep breath.

Then!  We went!  Back!  Downtown!  Where we = Kasia + Elias + Jenny + me.  We wandered around and some extremely sketchy people asked us how to procure drugs, a situation which we can blame entirely on Elias’s presence with us.  Also Elias put an umbrella down his pants.  (Which he did not deploy, hahaha.)

Then there was Maddie’s recital, which– barring unforeseen circumstances– is the last recital in Ithaca that I will be performing in.  It was pretty amazing.  (Except for the lighting situation.  Epic fail.)  So amazing that when I came home, I found that all my socks had jumped out of my sock drawer and strewn themselves about the room.  And they were on fire.  All of which doesn’t make my room much messier than it already is…

The grand finale, besides basically every piece in the program because they were all super impressive showy pieces (except the Bach I guess, and perhaps the Liszt), was “Rainbow Connection,” (re)arranged for two cellos and piano.  It is stuck in my head and probably will be for years to come.  There are worse things to have stuck in your head though.  Yay, Kermit the Frog!

The reception was held at Maddie’s house, since the Unitarian Church had recently suffered a flooding incident that rendered the lobby unusable (and that was also probably responsible for the lighting issues).  We ran there to beat the second thunderstorm that attacked soon after.

There were so many delicious pies, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Then I wandered around downtown looking for my mom and trying to look un-muggable, then we went home, then yeah, flaming socks.



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  1. Ryan / Jul 11 2009 11:50 pm

    The line “how to procure drugs” made me laugh

    • April / Jul 12 2009 1:09 pm

      … Okay, they didn’t ask quite in those words…


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