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6 July 2009 / April

Blueberries, peaches, cherries

Today is what I would call a “feel-good day.”  It began with blueberries.

Later, at about 12:30, I decided to eat lunch and realized there wasn’t any.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that I’ve started cooking recently.  But I have.  Mostly basic stuff, but at least it’s teaching me how it feels to butcher a vegetable in cold blood and weep profusely for it.  Sigh, onions.

Anyway, usually my mom and I discuss what I’ll be cooking the next day, if anything, but we hadn’t discussed anything for lunch today (probably because we tacitly assumed I wouldn’t get up early enough to require a meal between breakfast and dinner).  So I improvised with carrots, zucchini, and some weird onion-based concoction that I found in the fridge, all tossed in a pan with some oil.  I added (already cooked) rice and dumped it in a bowl.

I did not have high expectations.  But it actually tasted pretty good, mostly because of the weird onion-based concoction that I didn’t even make but was quite tasty.  Honestly, I’m just proud I didn’t under- or overcook the carrots.

That was nice, self-esteem-wise, but the better part, taste-wise, was dessert.


Dessert was yogurt (homemade, but not by us) with, um, jam– for lack of a better term– made (by us) from fresh blueberries, and homemade (again by us) granola.  Don’t let the parenthetical asides distract you from the deliciousness being described.  I don’t think I’m describing it sufficiently.  I don’t think it’s possible.  So delicious.

And then an unbelievably ripe and juicy peach.

And then a half-hour walk in the blazing beautiful sunshine, then not missing the bus, then making music with Maddie, then sitting on Maddie’s front porch eating popsicles and shooting the breeze.  Over an hour spent discussing auditioning for college and how to get an A in Lang and ships, and with not a care in the world– at least none that needed to be cared about for an afternoon.

We have reached the following conclusion: summer is nice.  We like summer.

And then coming home and eating a dinner that I did not cook, because my mom happened to be present.  And then cherries.


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