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5 July 2009 / April

Yay, trees

Just a quick note to those of you who, for one reason or another, have failed to notice my shiny new blog header.  It does not feature this critter because my drawing skills suck a whole lot more than my photography skills.  Instead, it features lots of nice green leaves (which probably look a little familiar to you readers) and a quote by Marcus Aurelius.

Somehow I’m always in a more philosophical mood when I make my blog headers than when I actually write in my blog, so I always sense some sort of awkward tonal disconnect there.

But I’m always rather fond of my headers anyway.  Which is why I’ve created a page archiving them, which can be found in my sidebar– or, for you all coming via RSS or Facebook or Twitter (sigh, technology), here.

Wow, I thought uploading the image would stop me from messing with it obsessively.  Apparently not.

EDIT (10:16 PM): Yeah actually, I’m still reworking it.  Pretend it’s not there.

EDIT (10:32 PM): Oh, forget it.  My OCD muscles are hurting.


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