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24 June 2009 / April

In which things don’t go quite as planned


My plan for today was something as follows.

1. Eat breakfast.
2. Learn Carol’s music.
3. Catch midday school bus.
4. Pick up English portfolio, if I could muster up the willpower to enter the school.
5. Check if the name on my diploma is my full name, again if I could muster etc.
6. Walk downtown.
7. Be a bum downtown.
8. Catch bus to Carol’s voice coach’s house.
9. Rehearse with Carol.
10. Walk downtown.
11. Catch bus to Cornell.
12. Catch bus to Middle of Nowhere.
13. Walk home from bus stop.
14. Eat dinner.

Yeah, nowadays I must include periods of transit in my itinerary or I’ll forget that I have to, say, catch a bus to get from event x to event y.  I’m about as good at catching buses as I am at catching footballs, i.e. not good at all.

For instance, today I managed to miss the very first bus (#3), thanks to the Maddie that landed on my tummy and would NOT GO AWAY. Just kidding.

Anyway. So today actually looked something like this.

1. Eat breakfast.
2. Attempt and fail to learn Carol’s music.
3. Miss midday school bus.
4. … Damn.
5. Walk half hour to TCAT bus stop.
6. Arrive half hour early at TCAT bus stop
7. Sit in field of clover and try not to look too weird.


[The above photo makes me think I should stop being lazy and go back to carrying around my camera instead of just relying on my iPhone (which, incidentally, is activated!  But sound quality is kinda wonky.  And by that I mean really wonky.  Oh, am I still in parentheses?).  Because even a crappy camera is still better than a cell phone.*]

8. Catch bus to Cornell.
9. Catch (late! grr!) bus to Commons.
10. Join Maddie for a walk to Wegmans.
11. Eat/drink gelato.
12. Discuss problems, the good kind and the bad kind.
13. Catch bus to Carol’s voice coach’s house.
14. Rehearse with Carol and Elias.
15. Spend a long time talking with Carol, Elias, and voice coach about music schools. Slightly awkward.
16. Walk downtown.
17. Catch bus to Cornell.
18. Catch bus to Middle of Nowhere.
19. Walk home from bus stop.
20. Eat dinner.
21. Eat more dinner.


Um, so, tomorrow I’m graduating from high school.  What the hell.

For old time’s sake, I was perusing my blog archive from June ’08 and found this, which makes me a little amused and more than a little nostalgic.  Then there’s this post from last year’s graduation, which, despite having been written pre-graduation, summarizes the ceremony pretty well and now relieves me from the onerous responsibility of having to blog about it afterward.

The uplifting performance of Pomp and Circumstance, the teary-eyed soloists in the senior song, the long inspiring speeches, the hands tired from applause, the endless recitation of 400 names, the crowd of parents rushing to snap photos, the beach balls being tossed about, the hugs, the tossing of hats, the chaos following.

Of course, it won’t be quite the same this year.

[*Clarification: these are all iPhone pics and I think they might’ve been better if they were camera pics.]


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