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22 June 2009 / April

Some random things I’ve been doing, yay

I arrived at Barnes Hall on Sunday knowing that I would be turning pages for the Amara Trio (AKA Amy, Marza, Kiera), but not knowing that I would be stage managing.  And also making the traditional “turn off your babies” speech– where is Maddie when you need her?

Anyway, it was fun.  I’m glad that recital season this year has had very moderate temperatures, which means that Barnes is not the blazing inferno of heat that it usually is in June.  Also I got to sit backstage and think a lot about, um, music.  Then there was food!  Including spring rolls, courtesy of Amy’s mom.

Marza: “Why is Asian food so good?
Me: “I don’t know, maybe it’s because we’re awesome.”
Marza: “Yeah… and of course you’re not biased at all.”

Before the recital was church and a luncheon to bid farewell to our pastor, who is leaving us.  It’s pretty sad, since she was basically the most liberal Christian around, and I honestly don’t know if I could stand church every Sunday under the auspices of someone less open-minded.  But I guess I’m leaving soon too.

Anyway, the timing of things was such that I had about an hour of downtime before the recital, so after some uncertainty regarding Cornell buildings being open on a Sunday in summer, I ended up at Duffield Hall with my laptop and in my Sunday best (kinda).  It felt funny.  I feel like recently I’ve been doing a lot of bumming around town in concert attire, thanks to multiple events being scheduled on the same day.

Then today I had to get into town, so I… took the school bus.  Because it was heading that way anyway!  And free!  So why not?

It was weird seeing the high school and remembering that people still have to go there.

The reason for my Getting Into Townness was a rehearsal with Carol for her voice recital on Saturday.  I was sightreading everything, but “Hometown Glory” was easily the simplest thing I’ve played in recent memory, “Written in the Stars” was also pretty straightforward, and “Easy as Life” was, ironically, not easy at all… but since she knows all her music super well and I’m generally familiar with the Aida stuff, it was a quick rehearsal.

Then there was a highly desireable side effect of my Getting Into Townness: hanging out with Kati!  Getting coconut French sodas at Autumn Leaves OBVIOUSLY, but also seeing her apartment at Ricia’s house, which is quite spiffy.  She has a full kitchen and a porch.  And did I mention it’s her apartment?  Awesome.

We had some quality conversation, about how we’re going to college like an hour away from each other (squee!) and her unusual lack of lovelife drama.  And Footloose.

Allow me to now digress briefly from my overly detailed description of my day(s) to talk about Footloose.  Basically I might possibly (probably???) be playing in pit, which is already exciting because I’ve never been involved in a Running to Places production before.  But I would also be their rehearsal pianist.  For those unfamiliar with the intensity of drama production rehearsal schedules, that basically translates to a shitload of rehearsals.  This is not necessarily appealing to a family that lives in The Middle of Nowhere and likes to avoid driving as much as possible.

Solution: move in with a friend who lives in civilization.  And who is also awesome.

I’m so pumped.

Of course, this is currently a little up in the air because my participation in Footloose is not exactly confirmed.  But based on Maddie’s reaction to my tentative proposal of cohabitation, I think I’d better just move in with her whether or not I do Footloose.  We can just hang out and eat gelato every day or something.

Also whether or not I do Footloose, you should absolutely come see it if at all possible.  It’s August 14-16 and it is taking place at the fucking STATE THEATER, and a lot of my favorite people are in it, and a R2P production never disappoints.  So yeah, come.

After all the hanging out it was time for me to return to The Middle of Nowhere via bus/foot.  Except I was almost prevented from catching my bus due to an extremely stupid wasp that landed on my tummy and would NOT GO AWAY.  While I was distracted trying to drive it away without getting stung, my bus started to drive away itself, so I ran to the door and waved frantically and the driver let me on.  I love TCAT bus drivers.

“Sorry,” I said breathlessly as I fumbled for my transfer slip.  “But I think I’ve brought a bee with me.”  I pointed.

So we loitered for a little while until I finally got the annoying insect off and outside.  It was probably the weirdest reason for (almost) missing my bus that I’ve ever had.

Interspersed throughout all the aforementioned happenings was a lot of walking.  Because it FINALLY stopped raining and became sunny and lovely, so I could walk places and be happy.  Yay!



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Jun 22 2009 11:45 pm

    Plantastic pursuits!

  2. Kati / Jun 23 2009 2:54 pm

    SOOO much excitement. I’ll get a confirmation ASAP.
    And thank you for plugging the show!!

    • April / Jun 23 2009 4:14 pm

      Absolutely– for my vast and loyal blog readership….

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