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20 June 2009 / April

My name and my iPhone

I was in a productive mood this morning, so while eating breakfast at 11 I opened the paper and started reading the list of imminent and eminent graduates from IHS, marveling somewhat that all these people, with these funny middle names that I’ve never known, are really actually seriously graduating from high school in less than a week, no joke.  Among these names, of course, I happened upon my own.  And I realized.

My high school doesn’t know what my name is.

More specifically, it doesn’t know what my middle name is.  And this isn’t even a nickname or name I wish I had or an Asian name that my parents call me.  This is a 100% legit middle name.  This is a middle name that everyone who visits this blog knows (hint: see the URL) but that my high school does not.

I’m not blaming IHS here.  There must have been sometime during my 13-year tenure in this school district when they asked me for my full legal name and I just never told them.  But I’m amused that I’m going to get my high school diploma and the name printed on it will pitifully short and woefully incomplete.

In other news: my iPhone 3G fluttered down on golden wings and landed on my porch yesterday.  In celebration, I promptly gave myself a paper cut on its packaging.

Purely by coincidence, it arrived on exactly the day when everyone was getting their hands on the iPhone 3GS, because they were all just dying to have a compass on their cell phone.  Actually, I’m so not dissing the 3GS, because it also takes video and does other stuff and that’s nothing to belittle.


At any rate, what this means for me is that everyone is trying to activate their iPhones and so activating my own is taking eons.  So please, continue to not call my cell phone.

But I’ve been able to play with some of the other features, including the camera, which is exciting for me since my old cell was one of those dinosaurs that did not have a camera.  In one of the rare moments of sunshine during the past couple days (seriously, it’s been raining since like Wednesday.  Wednesday LAST YEAR), I went onto our not-yet-repaved road and took test photos of my ridiculously fluffy in-need-of-a-haircut dog, whom I have lovingly dubbed the Walking Rug.



Look at her!  So fluffy!  So fluffy!

The only other item of interest that I must include is that the iPhone is seriously obese compared to both my old cell phone and my old 1st-generation iPod touch.  It’s forgivable since the thing effectively replaces both of those devices as well as my camera.  But this does not change the fact that my first thought when I picked it up was “It’s CHUBBY!”



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  1. Kati / Jun 20 2009 5:21 pm

    I have no sympathy for you on the name matter. Sorry love. But I do have excitement for you re the iPhone!

    my god, it is in the journal! I’m gonna punch some secretaries in the board building. I’m not crossing the stage unless I’m called by MY name. fucking hell.

    • April / Jun 20 2009 11:41 pm

      Yeah, I noticed that too… If you haven’t gotten it legally changed, you should definitely do it or this is going to keep happening.

  2. Kati / Jun 22 2009 6:03 pm

    I don’t think it was ever legally wrong. Just in SASI. Because I don’t think my middle name was ever Agusta…

  3. Kati / Jun 23 2009 2:53 pm

    When I went to IHS to run some errands, I went to check if they have my name right on my diploma. They do. Thank god…

    • April / Jun 23 2009 4:06 pm

      I could probably do that. Where exactly do you go to check?

  4. Kati / Jun 24 2009 12:13 pm

    Ms. Walker…she was a little…moody, let’s say, about it, but I got the job done. I don ‘t blame her, either, seeing as she makes a living by putting up with high school shennanigans every day.


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