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8 June 2009 / April


“So,” said Maddie to Ms. T in CS, “I was thinking of changing my program…”  She went on to describe a project not entirely but pretty significantly different from her former project idea, which was not working quite as planned.  Ms. T was skeptical.  “And what– will a miracle happen before the end of the week to help you finish this one?”

“Ms. T!” I interjected, “Haven’t you realized?  Programming is all about miracles!

“… April says, desperately,” observed Jenny and/or Maddie, before they went back to their ravenous and promiscuous bunnies and/or discombobulated bear faces.

But speaking of miracles…  The kids I babysit were actually tired this evening.  Tired before their bedtime.  So tired that they did not want to play video games or even shower but went straight to bed and damn if there wasn’t nuttin’ I could do about that.  Or wanted to do about that.  These are the kids I usually wrestle into bed with every ounce of strength in my nonexistent muscles, and they were just gravitating towards bed like hungry teenagers towards free pizza.  Now that’s a miracle.

Even the cat is asleep.  But before she slumbered, she was being rather pestersome.  Naturally, I thought I would try to get a picture of her looking cattish and pestersome and freaking adorable, using my Photobooth-empowered laptop.  So Larry, this one is for you.

Photo 186

Yeah, I’m disappointed too. And that was my best attempt. Turns out the little kitty is a little camera shy.

Now, back to hoping for a miracle.


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