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4 June 2009 / April

In which Dante is suddenly badass


For once, my favorite period today was English, hands-down.  Although Latin, spent sitting outside and giving Maddie a hint about herself (to be revealed only in the case of an identity crisis) gives it some stiff competition.

But come on– talking about the Kindle and watching a trailer for DANTE’S INFERNO, THE VIDEO GAME?  Instead of editing our shitty Dante essays?  English wins.

Scott: “Dante has a cape and scythe and a cross that shoots holy lasers, and he basically drops into Limbo and starts killing stuff.”
Ms. L: “… Do you know what they call that in literary lingo?”
Kendra: “AWESOME!!!”
Ms. L: “Distorting the text.”

Afterwards Eva and I started thinking of other things that could be adapted into really violent video games.  I suggested the Bible, which would actually work really well considering how much violence is in the Old Testament.  At least, it would work really well until the makers get lynched by extremely offended Christians.

I thought that was the worst possible violent video game idea, until Eva suggested parenting.  I feel bad for Eva’s potential offspring.

Under normal circumstances, this afternoon I would have walked downtown and spent a couple hours programming, but I sort of like having eyes that function and stuff, so instead I reluctantly spent a couple hours napping in the sun in DeWitt Park. It was a difficult decision.

Before my piano lesson (which was about as exciting as you can imagine, considering my senior recital was last week), we also made a pit stop at the community gardens, where there were, among other things, poppies!

Which you must pronounce very carefully in my presence, or else I will look around and get very excited, only to realize that there are in fact no puppies in the vicinity.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Jun 4 2009 9:41 pm

    No, seriously… pain is what life simulation games are all about. Take The Sims, for instance, and these comics that illuminate it:
    “Parenting: the Game” would be like that except that the characters are actively attempting to annoy you, thus inciting your divine wrath.

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