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1 June 2009 / April

This is rambly

Hi!  I had four free periods today and didn’t touch a piano during any of them!

Instead I tried to program and realized I’ve completely forgotten how to do so in an even remotely competent manner.  Huh.  Whatever, there are like single-digit-number of school days left.

Today I also brought a sunflower to school (yay) and tried to make sure I can actually graduate (hah) and cut my hand on a water bottle (ouch).  But at least I was able to open the damn thing, unlike Larry, whose water bottle it was.  “Dude, he fucking rows,” Eva said later.  “He should have muscles.”

“Yeah,” I concurred.  “But I fucking play piano.  I have muscles.”

I think the water bottle managed to defeat both of us though, so we’re even.

Also, in math seminar there was nearly a throwdown when Victor pointed out there was a nice group theoretical proof of something and Saul countered, “Yes, but the combinatorics one is better.”  OH SNAP.

What we learned in seminar today: 1283 is prime, and 232 + 1 = 641 * 6,700,417.  Math seminar: you learn useful things!  (Let’s make ironic t-shirts!)

I actually have mad amounts of Lit homework, which pisses me off because DUDE single-digit-number of school days left Ms. L what are you THINKING.  Who writes essays during the last single-digit-number of school days?  As you can see, I no longer even punctuate my clauses correctly.  I don’t do essays.  People who do essays take Lang and die.

By the way, I do actually know exactly how many days of classes we have left, but somehow saying “single-digit-number” is so much more appealing than saying something mundane and precise like “eight.”



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