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30 May 2009 / April

In which much is consumed

There must be a law engraved on a stone tablet somewhere, one that states I must stuff myself with good food until I find mobility difficult at least once during each of my sister’s visits home.

Last time, this involved chocolate and peanut butter cake.  This time, it involved…. fried cheesecake.  Yes.  I know.  I didn’t believe it existed either.  And yes, I realize I removed about ten years from my life span just by consuming it.  But I really couldn’t pass it up.


We also had… an interesting time eating with chopsticks.  (BTW we ate at Plum Tree, which I recommend if you are willing to, er, spend money.)

Of course, we already established that this would be an extravagant day when we ate breakfast at CTB.  Eating breakfast out is very rare indeed.

In the morning were my last ITE classes.  Sigh.  It’s odd to think that at one point, I desperately wanted to quit my accompanying job at ITE because every Saturday morning was torture.  And torture that didn’t pay that well either.  How glad I am that I stuck it out.  The cute kids, the energetic teachers, even the challenge of keeping up with Kirsten’s infernal unpredictability…  I will miss it.

Then I did NOT stay at IC to practice.

Walking downtown and going to Ithaca Festival was fantastic, though it was crowded because the weather was actually perfect.  Good for iFest, which has been experiencing some financial difficulty.  And there were definitely personal pluses to the high people density, i.e. being able to encounter lots of friends.  And math seminar instructors.  Who always recognize me before I recognize them.  Um.

I bought a shirt!  It is soft.  It is green.  It has a tree on it.  It makes me happy.  It reduces me to writing in short, terse sentences.  I think of it as my “Pictures at an Exhibition shirt,” because like Pictures, it has been the object of my desire for a long time.

At four, I headed back to the Unitarian for Maddy and Renee’s recital, which was pretty amazing, even though it was rather long and I couldn’t really stay for food and hobnobbing.

Then there was dinner, which I’ve already told you about.

Then there was coming home and entering my room, which actually reeks of flowers.  It smells like bubble gum.





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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / May 30 2009 10:38 pm

    That looks so delicious… and that sounds like a great day. So… the fried cheesecake is at Plum Tree?

    …and I misread the little “filed under” blurb to read “Plantastic pursuits”. ‘Plantastic’ definitely needs to be a word. I think I’ll use it to describe gardens that are to my liking.

    • April / May 31 2009 1:58 pm

      Yes, the fried cheesecake is at Plum Tree. And yes, plantastic should probably be a word.

  2. Beth / May 31 2009 5:49 am

    Feeling hungry….want 2 have chopsticks


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