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28 May 2009 / April


Come to my senior recital?  Friday (TOMORROW) at 7 PM at the Unitarian Church?  If you don’t have a play performance or another pressing conflict?

Because I’m actually turning into a hypochondriac and you should probably come to say farewell to my sanity.  I can’t play tennis in PE because I might hurt my wrist.  I can’t fold letters because I might give myself a paper cut.  I can’t program (or write long blog entries) because I might give myself carpal tunnel syndrome.  I don’t know how professional musicians can stand doing anything, because basically everything involves your hands and everything could potentially hurt your hands and if you hurt your hands you are toast.  Burnt toast with no jam.

So anyway, come to my recital.

In other, somewhat happier news, people keep offering me money, including scholarships to colleges to which I didn’t even apply (and do they not realize that May 1 has PASSED?).

Also, people are acting generally awesomely towards me– conducting an impromptu conversation about tic-tac-toe on a torus in the practice room, bursting into a stirring rendition of “Hey Jude” in H Courtyard before school, letting me photocopy things free of charge, playing a completely random guitar solo to me from the steps of Kulp, etc.  So, thanks everyone.



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  1. Sarah / May 29 2009 6:46 pm

    I’m really really really sorry I can’t be there tonight. I really wanted to be, but it was either spend a tragically boring afternoon at home (which is clearly tragically boring because I’m not at your recital), or go to your recital and end up sleeping somewhere downtown (which obviously wouldn’t happen but is my melodramatic way of saying I couldn’t get home).

    BUT I know you’ll be fantastic. There is no way you could be burnt toast with no jam. Burnt toast with jam, maybe. But definitely not without. 😀

    • April / May 29 2009 10:43 pm

      No worries… I am quite familiar with the feeling of being unable to get a ride.

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