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22 May 2009 / April

Some piano and some yogurt

Today, besides the usual stuff and things (multiple dimensions of time, failing at basic trig, not melting from the heat, not being a wench*, poetry about vegetables), I went to a dress rehearsal for my recital next Friday, 7 PM, Unitarian Church, cake.

We actually had the wrong code to get into the church, but luckily my teacher has connections.  So we got in eventually, rolled up the rug, rolled out the piano, played some music.

The Dumky actually sounded pretty good, considering that we hadn’t played it since early April.  Bach went okay but not stupendously, considering that I spent over an hour this morning doing nothing but working on memory for the Bach.  Brahms went okay.  Pictures went okay; I’m just thankful I didn’t collapse in a puddle on the floor afterward because I was so wiped.

One week.  Thoughts > 0.

So that was a couple hours of my life.  But my day was not yet over, for after that came… yogurt party!  Woo!

Photo 173

Photo 3

As an exercise for the reader, write a caption for the latter series of photos.

Wooo three day weekend = practicing as much as I can stand, and getting my freaking program to work, and other stuff.

* “I am not a wench!”
“Is this something from 4chan?”
“That, my friend, is a Yellow Book.”


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