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15 May 2009 / April

Exams ’09, day five

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A few really nice things happened today.

The first nice thing was that we had a nice, almost too nice, proctor for the Latin AP.  The reason I say “too nice” is because she spent a lot of time apologizing for having to read the directions instead of just reading them.  It’s okay lady, we understand the College Board is a bitch to deal with.  But we’d really like to get this test over with, so if you could keep things moving that would be great.

The reason she was only almost too nice is because she let me eat my lunch in the testing room– before we had even looked at the exam, so it was definitely legal (let alone the often overlooked fact that my sandwich doesn’t know Latin any better than I do).  But she could easily have been a tyrant about it and wasn’t.  I appreciated that.  No one likes a tyrant.

The second nice thing was that the test ENDED, which means I am done with APs.  This is a very nice thing indeed, for reasons I presume I need not express.

The third nice thing was that I ran into Mr. J after the test while I was making eleventh hour rehearsal plans with Divya.  He was wearing a tie, probably for Soldier’s Story since of course he wanted to impress the veterans.

“Wandering around the halls, I see,” he said without preamble.  (It was the middle of 8th period.)

“What!”  It was definitely an exclamation, not a question.  “I just had my LAST AP EXAM!”

“Oh, congratulations– how does it feel?”

I gave him a thumbs up.  “Awesome.”

I miss Mr. J.  Bringing cheesecake to Mr. D yesterday (oh, did I never blog about that?) reminded me of when we brought cake to Mr. J in math seminar and reminded me of how much I miss Mr. J.  Some days, I think I’d even be willing to read that damn APUSH textbook again if it meant having Mr. J as a teacher for another year.

The fourth nice thing happened when I was practicing in the evening at IC, burnt out from testing and rehearsing, needing to pack for the music department trip, but also urgently needing to practice and being too tired and hungry to do so properly.

So I played a couple Pictures, ending with the Promenade preceding “Il vecchio Castello,” and called it a day.  I tossed my books in my bag, put my shoes on (yeah, I take off my shoes to practice)– and heard, in the practice room next door, a bassoonist playing the melody of “Il vecchio Castello,” slow and melancholy.

I paused.  And sat down at the piano again.

When the bassoonist stopped playing, I picked up where he had left off.  For a little while we traded off, each playing a phrase, bridging walls and mutual strangerhood with an inter-instrumental commonality.  Then he moved on to practice his own music, and I gathered my belongings and left.

I suppose I could have knocked on the door of his room and said hello.  But that might have ruined it.

The fifth nice thing was strawberries.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / May 15 2009 11:22 pm

    You should include the passage on the musical tradeoff in your inevitable autobiography. 😀

    • April / May 15 2009 11:53 pm

      I’ll keep it in mind….


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