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12 May 2009 / April

And now…

… Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I haven’t actually done programming in many moons, but I am still exhibiting symptoms of a programmer.  For instance, whenever I need to do some minor task repeatedly, I think, “I should write a helper method.”

And innocent little English phrases like “for instance” strike me as mildly odd.

In other news, I think I must define this week as a “week off,” as it’s the first time since summer that I’m not earning any money at all, assuming I don’t schedule a rehearsal for Friday.  Thank you Music Department Trip.  It’s nice to have a break.  God, I need more helper methods in my life.

Actually, as people who know me realize (e.g. Hannah, who keeps happening upon me when I’m sitting around doing nothing), I’m doing okay without them.  What I would like are my health and good spirits back, please.

Speaking of, um, nothing actually related to what I’m about to say– right on the heels of my cat photo binge comes this news about cuteness’s effects on how well you work, which you should probably read because it involves, yes, more cat photos.  It will help you with your homework, if you’re silly enough to still have such a thing.

Other things that make me happy: the phrase “pumping lemma,” the magical puddle of awesome internetness by which you can access Facebook at school, competent page turners, the lunch bag my mom made out of a Williams envelope.  Yes indeed.  If I ever lose my lunch bag, whoever finds it can slap a stamp on it and mail it back!  OR stalk me and kill me in my sleep, since they’ll have my street address!  Yay, thanks mom!

(It’s actually awesome and you’re envious.)

(But I’ll try not to lose it.)


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