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30 April 2009 / April

Internet? Zucchini?

Nestled amidst a whole menagerie of unnecessary things that happened today was CS.

It was actually the only CS class anyone should need to attend in order to get a 5 on the AP, because it was where we learned Robert’s Rule: “Eliminate wrong answers.  Choose the right answer.

Not only does this strategy have a success rate of OVER 99.9999%, it is also effective in other disciplines, working just as well for chemistry and history multiple choice exams.  The success rate drops to 68% on English APs because those questions are so damn subjective.

While in theory Robert’s Rule is sufficient in all cases, Ms. T also provided some other rules for handling multiple choice questions, like “If they give you a picture that looks like a priority queue of sets of array lists of stacks of linked lists of maps, then choose the answer that uses a PriorityQueue<Set<ArrayList<Stack<LinkedList<Map<K,V>>>>>>.”  (Well, I’m paraphrasing.)

In the interests of brevity, which I’m sure you are pining for after my last monstrosity, I shall skip over the rest of my day like a stone over water and conclude with an incredibly concise conversation my mom and I had when we got home.  In its entirety:

Mom: “Internet?”
Me: “Yes!”
Mom: “Zucchini?”
Me: (three-minute fit of laughter)


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