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24 April 2009 / April

Exams ’09, day two

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Well, today was interesting. Today was two periods of trying to learn Latin (ate a cookie), a choir sectional (ate a chocolate bar), CS where Ms. T let us study Latin (ate a cookie), and a Latin final (ate a cookie).

The final was bad, but the general consensus (if indeed there can be a “general consensus” among two people) was that it was not as soul-killingly horrible as the midterm. Sure, there was plenty of stuff I didn’t know, but that stuff did not consist of “an entire passage that I have to translate.” Which was good!

It was unfortunate that we were testing on pretty much the first really warm (hot? is that what it is?) day of the year, but I take no small amount of consolation from the fact that this is my last final. My final final, as it were. And there will be more really warm days in the future. Particularly after APs (which don’t matter anyway) and after my senior recital (which, um, matters).

While leaving the school, I ran into Jenny and Dawson. The former was wearing her amazing Math Awareness Week shirt, and this blog post would not be complete without a photo of it. Behold:


Obviously she is mimicking the polar bear so delightfully depicted on the shirt. And Dawson is being Dawson. Obviously.

Then there was rehearsing with Jiyoung and Maddie (ate sushi), performing with Jiyoung and Maddie (ate music), and enjoying a Friday afternoon/evening with Jiyoung, Maddie, Kalila, Marza, and Maite (ate pizza, chips and salsa, ice cream, happiness). I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.




Needless to say, it was well-needed respite from the stressful hell that was this week.  I don’t even know why it was so bad.  My life just exploded, is all.

Reading through my parenthetical food comments makes me realize how much not-so-healthy food I consumed today.  At least we walked to Purity’s.  Also I’m pretty sure stress burns calories.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Apr 25 2009 10:16 pm

    Actually, stress, being intimately tied in with heavy physical exertion in our recent evolutionary history (like running away from an angry elephant), causes you to feel compelled to consume copious amounts of calories, and thus makes you pack on the pounds. If you resist the urge, I guess it can burn calories, though.


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