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22 April 2009 / April

The fun, photo-filled post about my trip


Smith is actually unbelievably beautiful.  It’s like a park (the landscaping was even designed by Frederick Law Olmsted of Central Park fame).  In early spring it seems a bit drab, but just imagine Paradise Pond and the mountains in autumn.


I also lucked out in that the five days I spent traveling all were the most gorgeous spring days a Northeasterner could dream of– 60s-70s, sunny, breezy. This chalk message makes me suspect that the weather is not always so lovely.


They were having Smithies take chalk and write stuff on the path for prospective students to peruse. Some were pretty amusing.


Life imitates art. The Smith art museum is really nice. Especially the artist designed bathrooms, of which I unfortunately do not have photos.


A vending machine in the Mt. Holyoke library, selling school supplies.  Awesome?  Awesome.


And we move to Amherst, where we find desserts (chocolate-covered strawberries!!!) and a cappella groups with free CDs. They know how to woo us.


Amherst also has a really beautiful campus.  Very hilly.  And I’m not talking about those far off mountains.  I’m talking about hills on campus that you walk up and down en route to classes.  We Ithacans may be used to it, but for some it is not so easy…


What you don’t know looking at this picture is just how long it took for us to get a decent one, without half-eaten pizzas and with all of our group. Camera self-timers are tricky.

Wow, I have a lot more photos from Smith than Amherst.  Not sure why that is.


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