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15 April 2009 / April

You are what you eat

(Somehow, this is a widely accepted truism.  Yet if you eat what you are, you’re a cannibal– and needless to say, not widely accepted at all.)

(Needless and needles.  Only differ by one letter.  Just thought I’d let you know.)

I was unusually heavily laden while walking downtown from IC today, mostly because I was carrying my computer but also because I was carrying lunch.  And my mom’s lunches are very… dense.  Her homemade bagels by themselves could be used as lethal weapons.  Just add acceleration.  Or poison.

It was approximately noon and I was approximately hungry, but I was also approximately late for a rehearsal (second out of three… why does this always happen to me?) so I couldn’t eat lunch before walking.

But I could eat lunch while walking, which would lighten my load an appreciable amount while also alleviating my hunger.  And thus would two birds be killed by one stone.  (Unfortunately not real birds, as in the stupid birds that continue collide repeatedly with our windows and wake me up every morning.)

Anyway, as I walked and ate, I had a rather philosophical moment.  Because there was really no reason for my load to be lightened by eating the lunch I was carrying.  I was still transporting the same amount of weight with my legs.  Nothing had been discarded, only transferred from the outside to the inside.  But now, it was part of me.  I don’t carry parts of me.  Parts of me carry me.

So now I wasn’t carrying my lunch; my lunch was carrying me.

What?  This wasn’t the conclusion I was planning to come to.  Besides, it’s offensively inaccurate, considering that at that point, lunch was still sitting lumpishly in my stomach and not contributing to the carrying of me yet.  But saying that I was carrying lunch while it was in my stomach also sounds inaccurate.

At any rate.  All this is just a long way of saying: I need to pack for college visits.  These are occuring tomorrow through Monday.  See y’all later.



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  1. Frantzobolt / Apr 15 2009 8:48 pm

    The one letter difference between laughter and slaughter was amusing until The Dark Knight came out.

    What colleges are you visiting? I found my second visit to Hunter slightly less pleasant than the first. The placement test I had to take in order to be placed in the level of Math that will suit me was surprisingly easy. However I got lost while trying to find the testing room, and then lost my way twice while trying to go from the North Building to the West Building without walking outside (the buildings are connected by walkways above the streets). A college composed of three buildings and I’m hopeless. My sense of direction will be auce-sum in NYC.

    I’d have to agree with you as well – cannibalism is frowned upon in most societies. Then you have The Joy Luck Club.

  2. Rafael Lizarralde / Apr 15 2009 8:53 pm

    I also find the phrase “you are what you eat” rather strange. To me, that’s like saying animals are plants… because many of them do eat plants. Instead, I prefer the (significantly more convoluted, but at least it’s accurate) phrase “You are composed of that which composed what you’ve eaten.”

  3. Kati / Apr 15 2009 9:44 pm

    whatthefucksies but you HAAAVE to come see Showcase!! whinewhine.

  4. April / Apr 16 2009 9:35 am

    I’m visiting Smith and Amherst. And Kati, I’m so sorry! Break a leg!

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