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11 April 2009 / April

Polar bears, epiphanies, M&Ms, etc.


What I cannot achieve in frequency, I shall make up in excruciating detail.

Let’s start with yesterday.  Yesterday was the day before spring break, and it was sunny and lovely for at least the first 47% of the day.  And I had a long list of things to do involving the internet.  And the practice room AND the steps of Kulp both get far superior Wi-fi than the Tattler office or even H-Courtyard.  What gives?

Anyway, all this convinced me that I should sit in the sun for a period and arrange college visits and catch up on blogs, which are of equal importance I assure you.  I made some phone calls.  I had some epiphanies.  It was productive, I think.

In Lit we’ve been reading and discussing love, for no particular reason.  Actually there is a particular reason, but it’s an unimportant one.  The important reason is not particular.  It has to do with us being second semester seniors approaching spring break, and also with Casler’s essay “This Thing Called Love” being quite amusing (and more than a little true (degrees of truth, you ask?  YES)).

In CS we tortured ourselves with ridiculously difficult practice AP problems, many involving recursion, which makes problems about six times longer than they seem at first blush.  Ms. T insists that these are significantly harder than what we’ll actually have to face.  This is somewhat encouraging with regards to our final… but unfortunately, Ms. T is not in charge of the content of the AP exam itself.  What if the test is actually this difficult?  The mind shudders to think of it.

Also, Ms. T has given us inside knowledge that Jenny’s polar bear design (which I think I’ve mentioned here in the past?) won the Math Awareness Week T-shirt design contest!  Hooray!  The polar coordinates/bear motif of math seminars past shall be emblazoned upon the chests of high schoolers around the… school!

There was no Maddie in Latin, because she was off at Williams and Brown (without me!  argh!).  This meant significantly less hilarity than is the norm, and significantly more productivity, and significantly less cheesecake.

In PE we concocted numerous excuses for why we should go outside and walk the track instead of staying inside and doing the dreaded pacer test (which we TOTALLY should call the “bleep test” instead).  None of these were actually utilized, as we went outside and walked the track without any persuasion necessary.  This good news was mitigated by the fact that we will actually have to do the mile run this semester.  But you know, I’ve tolerated that damn thing for the past 12 years.  I think I can handle one more mile.

By 8th period, the warmth and sunniness had declined dramatically (and would decline further as night and rain arrived), so we didn’t go to the creek but stayed in the Tattler office and, um, were entertained.  (… That website is SO much more innocent than context implies.  I was going to omit this parenthetical disclaimer for humor purposes, but people actually read my blog now.)  We also discussed Jewishness and broken teeth in some depth and ate M&Ms.  All in all a fairly typical 8th period.

Then I took the school bus for the second consecutive day, which I think is a first for this year, and went home to eat dinner, which also doesn’t happen as often as it used to.  In the evening, I somehow managed to do absolutely nothing for about three hours, which doesn’t sound like much of a feat until you recall that my house has no internet.

I went to bed determined to sleep in forever, since ITE was on break for once.  I awoke to sunshine, lay peacefully for what felt like long enough, sat up expecting it to be something like 11, and picked up my watch.  It was freakin’ 7:57 AM.  There is something wrong with me.

Actually– and this has only occurred to me recently– there is something slightly awry in my life.  I attend school on weekdays and work on weekends.  I simply don’t get up after 8:30.  I simply can’t take spontaneous trips with friends (i.e. Maddie) to places (i.e. Williams and Brown).  And then, on the one day when I have nothing to do, I wake up at 7:57.

And end up going downtown to use the internet.  I’m such an unadulterated internet addict.  Is there a cure for this?  Besides going cold turkey, which 1) is a HILARIOUS idiom, and 2) would probably kill me.

ALSO: the last time my internet at home stopped working for an extended period of time, I was also getting ready for college visits.  Coincidence?  I THINK NOT.




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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Apr 11 2009 7:13 pm

    I think Kulp might have good wifi in anticipation of speakers with laptops presenting on the stage, perhaps.

    Why don’t you have internet?

    • April / Apr 11 2009 8:54 pm

      Uh, long story?

      • Rafael Lizarralde / Apr 11 2009 10:02 pm

        Well, I asked because I thought there might be a slight chance that I could help.

        • April / Apr 12 2009 12:43 pm

          My techie neighbor is working on it… thanks though!

  2. Kati / Apr 12 2009 12:45 pm

    Speaking of college visits, I’m going down to Hampshire around next Friday-Saturday. Want to catch a ride down to Amherst?

    • April / Apr 12 2009 12:58 pm

      I can’t, I’m going next Sunday/Monday and I have a Latin final Friday anyway. Sorry!

  3. Stacy / Apr 12 2009 5:01 pm

    Speaking of polar bears… did your read this? I literally facepalmed when I read it today.

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