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9 April 2009 / April

Birthdays, Edition “Abridged”

Cake, and vast numbers of children, which are taking over our church.  The children, not the cake.

Nerdiest water bottle ever (guess which of those is mine).


Kati’s patented Divinely Delicious Coconut Macaroons.  These were gradually dissipated in seminar and rapidly dissipated 8th period, mostly into Raffi’s stomach.

Example 0 extends Example 1 extends Example 2 extends … Example ∞.  Nggughguggn.

The rich, rich story (rumored, probably unfounded) behind the Fields Medal.

Cake, again.

Going to Jerusalem.  Latin class: you learn useful things!

… PE was basically my only thoroughly non-party period.

Things seen in the creek: ducks, muskrats, Christmas trees, coconuts (?).

Chairs, four of them now, of varying degrees of stability.  Oh, we have great plans for the creek by IHS.  Just you wait.

Mendelssohn violin concerto, whose orchestra part I learned in about five days.  Woooo.

Still total internet fail at home.

Now excuse me while I go vote (yes!  today!) and buy lottery tickets, porn, and cigarettes for Larry.  Gosh, 18-year-olds have so much to do, it’s a wonder it ever gets done.

Also, thank you.


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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Apr 9 2009 9:43 pm

    The ducks were Mergansers.
    I greatly appreciated the steady stream of deliciousness 😀

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