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6 April 2009 / April

The Angry Grilled Cheesecake

So this was going to be a rant about the noncustodial parent part of my financial aid applications.  But that got rather angry rather quickly.  Unpleasantly angry.  Frighteningly angry.  And today before about 4:30 PM was altogether much too awesome to have an angry rant associated with it.

Instead, I present: cheesecake!  With photos!


We were celebrating finally finishing all the translations of the Aeneid that we need to do for the AP.  We were also celebrating cheesecake.  We like cheesecake.



Reluctantly Happily, we shared it with the rest of the massively numerous multilevel Latin class.


Our celebration also involved some cheesecake flipping and some confusion.  This, as well as the following photo, makes sense to exactly two people in the entire world.  No inside jokes are so exclusive as those made in AP Latin.


In other news: Josh reenacted, with astonishing detail and amusing theatrics, the last 50-ish pages of Madame Bovary for me, since I obviously could not read it over the weekend.  So my contributions to the discussion in Lit were, uh, limited in their profundity.  I was not exactly focused.

Nor was I particularly focused in CS, in fact I was excessively distracted.  Partly because Ryan doesn’t seem to know that red is a primary color.  Partly because I had a delicious cheesecake sitting in front of me.  But most importantly because I’m a second semester CNIOR.  Get it?  Get it?  I kill me.

NB. “The Angry Grilled Cheesecake” is something of a misnomer for this post, since the cheesecake was altogether unangry, the anger was altogether uncheesecakey, and nothing at all was grilled.  But the opportunity was too good to resist.



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  1. Ryan / Apr 6 2009 9:22 pm

    *Ahem* I believe I was confused about blue, not red. Give a man some credit.

    • April / Apr 7 2009 8:52 pm

      My apologies…


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