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3 April 2009 / April

Super productivity

2:12 PM me: … where are you?
2:13 PM Katarina: library
where are you?
me: heehee
Katarina: …?
that was impressive of us

That was a very interesting conversation, actually. We cut a pretty epic business deal, the terms of which I shall not divulge save for a quote of my choosing: “i am not fond of makeup. i am fond of cookies.”

Anyway, the reason I am blogging at freaking 9 AM is that my internet at home still doesn’t work.  You may recall posts like this or this and imagine what my posts for the next few days might be like.

Verbal snapshots from the past few days:

On the Commons, beatboxing Dvorak.  And eating nachos.  Wow, I just attempted to spell “eating” with a “ch” AND I JUST DID IT AGAIN.

Aida‘s pit orchestra: bringing back the marching band.  Pint-sized uniforms and all.

Melon up!

Waving to Mr. D’s calc class 8th period en route to the creek.  Argh, second semester senioritis attack.

New clothes.  So many new clothes.  Related fact: my neighbor is almost the exact same size as I am.

“I guess only female Asian pianists will be near the piano on Saturday night.”

This is already a long day.



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  1. Kati / Apr 5 2009 9:51 pm

    Hah. YESS…
    It took me too long to realize that I didn’t have time to follow through with either part of the deal. Which is regretful, but simply the case.

    • April / Apr 6 2009 8:59 am

      We’ll have to set aside a special time just so you can make me look Egyptian (and bake me cookies…)

  2. Kati / Apr 6 2009 9:16 pm

    Umm, yes.


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