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27 March 2009 / April

This is a delicious post

We ate cookies in Lit.  So many cookies.

The post could end there, but it doesn’t.  It hasn’t even begun.

After a fairly horrible and decidedly un-delicious CS test, I decided to pay a visit to the Tattler office, because there was no math seminar and the library was closed and the computer lab was closed and H-Courtyard is boring and Activities is loud and I seriously have not spent a period in the cafeteria since freshman year.  I don’t even walk through the cafeteria on a regular basis these days.

But anyway, I visited the Tattler office, and on this day, of all days, Tyler and Steph walked in with an Oreo cake, bedecked with Oreos in such multitudes that they actually kind of got in the way.  And by “this day, of all days,” I really mean “Tyler’s birthday” (happy birthday!), but what I was getting at was that I’m never in the Tattler office 5th periods, and on the one day I am… I get cake.  Clearly, it was destined.

In Latin, Maddie dubbed me “delicious.”  And if that sounds slightly creepy, let me assure you: it was SO MUCH CREEPIER when she actually did it.

The next time deliciousness entered my life again was back in the Tattler office 8th period, when I ate many Skittles courtesy of Ryan.

This was also when I learned that you do not pop popcorn using the “popcorn” setting on the microwave.  And if you try, disaster in the form of dysfunctional buttons ensues.  Despite such setbacks, I like to think that I passed my Popcorn Popping Examination with flying colors.  Colors flying like iridescent rainbows, or perhaps Skittles falling to the floor.

After school I went to the Tattler Proofs Party, which was, as the title implies, a proven party.  Seriously.  I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of its partyness, which this post is too small to contain.  This post is also too small to contain, say, the inspired brilliance that went into the creation of Maddie’s joke title, but it is just barely large enough to contain the scrumptious brownies I ate courtesy of Eva.

I refuse to betray any of the jokes in this month’s Tattler.  You’ll have to wait till April 1.  OKAY, teaser because I can’t resist: toddlers performing telekinesis.

Maddie and I walked downtown afterwards, with Maria who sadly left us before we reached Maddie’s castle.  The moat was drained, but it was still quite obviously a castle.  For one thing, it was very spiky.  There was a vicious guard dog that was barely restrainable and a large number of ovens, very few of which were actually ovens and none of which contained any cheesecake.  There was also a small watermelon.  All of these things are telltale signs of a castle.*

Maddie’s brother, a current Willams student, was there to tell me everything there is to know about Williams.  Or the important stuff, which was basically that you can eat dinner late and you won’t get mono (probably).  Take that, Harvard.

THEN, after some more uninteresting stuff, I actually ate a warm, wonderful, delicious dinner at HOME, which hasn’t happened since…….. last Friday.

And I won’t be eating dinner at home again till next next Monday.

*Is it spiky?  yes
Does it have a vicious guard dog?  yes
Does it have a large number of ovens?  yes, but actually no
Is there a small watermelon?  yes
Is it a cow? goddammit



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  1. Hannah / Mar 27 2009 10:46 pm

    Activities was actually also closed. And the cafeteria… is not conducive to productivity, stimulating conversation, or unexpected slices of cake.

    I have therefore concluded as of 5th period today that
    the Tattler office > many other places a person could be.

    • April / Mar 27 2009 11:33 pm

      The Tattler office is often not conducive to productivity either… It all depends on what people are there.

  2. Kati / Mar 28 2009 3:55 pm

    I think Bassanio perusing women is pretty delicious…

    • April / Mar 28 2009 6:20 pm

      Maybe for Bassanio…

  3. Rachel / Mar 29 2009 11:41 am

    Excuse me. We don’t get mono either.

    Although dinner does close at 7:15. But we have brain break (= bagels and junk food and tea and other things of that sort) at night!

    • April / Mar 29 2009 12:30 pm

      Fine, fine… wait till Wednesday and we’ll see…

  4. Rachel / Mar 30 2009 12:57 am

    My friends tell me it’s actually Tuesday. Tuesday at 5. No?

    • April / Mar 30 2009 8:57 am

      Yeah, I’m always thinking that I have to wait till Wednesday to tell people at school, forgetting 1) you’re not at school anyway, and 2) Facebook!


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