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25 March 2009 / April

If you have a cheesecake

Like one who leaves a cheesecake in the oven for a little too long (thus letting it BURN), I got up late today.

This was unfortunate because I didn’t have time to eat breakfast, but like a cheesecake covered by a cardboard box on which are painted scenes of death and destruction, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Because it was an excellent excuse for me to walk down to Gimme! during periods one and two and buy a scone and a cup of coffee.  They were delicious.  Like cheesecake.

In English we talked a lot about how Virgil in Dante’s Inferno seems to have gone all soft and silly in the head, like a cheesecake in the sun.  Ms. L also encouraged us to be more like living wood, which was quite obviously a subtle way of saying we should be more like cheesecake.  Living cheesecake.  That sings mellifluously, like Ms. T’s voice when she’s explaining iterators.

I am so stunned by that flawless transition from period 3 to 4 that I am unable to go on with any semblance of continuity, just as a starving man is so stunned by the miraculous appearance of a cheesecake that he delays, doubtful, before consuming it.

Anyway, during CS we, like English-speakers trying to make a cheesecake from a recipe in Arabic, experienced some confusion over Iterable<Cheesecake>. (I cannot get over how odd that word looks to me.  Iterable.  Iterable iterable iterable.)

As I rushed to period 5 Choir so they could hear the oh-so-unpredictable accompaniment to the spiritual (in case you don’t know music, that was sarcasm), I experienced a terrible tragedy, like a cook who forgot to add the cheese to his otherwise perfect cheesecake.  It involved the dropping of many apples to the ground.  Were I a genius along the lines of Newton, physics would be being revolutionized right about now.

Latin was cheesecake.  Cheesecake now, cheesecake at some time, cheesecake forever and always.  Latin was also sacred groves and q-words and stories about broken teeth and stories about soup and stories and stories and stories.  But the cheesecake is the most important part.

Then I was free, like cheesecake often isn’t.

What eventually happened was, in their desperation to go outside and grow some bones and eat cheesecake (a desire inherent in all human beings, I assure you), Raffi and Josh walked with me nearly all the way to the Commons.  While walking, we discussed Facebook stalking and 3-D chalking (which is not what you think it is, unless you’re thinking of what it actually is).  It was very, um, intellectual, of course– cheesecake for the brain.

Also, Raffi may be interested in reading this post from September.  It… has something to do with cheesecake, I insist, but I’m lying.

Not a block after I left them (or rather, they left me), who should I come upon but Kati, like a second delightfully unexpected slice of cheesecake appearing after you have already consumed one.

Then I worked at the library for a while, gluing cheesecakes to other cheesecakes and formatting/printing still more cheesecakes, none of which were actually cheesecakes.

Then I walked back to IHS for Aida rehearsal.  If I had eaten an entire cheesecake today, I probably would have burned off all of its calories just by all the walking I did.  At least the rain didn’t begin until evening.

Aida is developing pretty nicely I think, like a cheesecake in the making.  One that will be finished in about a week.  Gah!  A week!  Good lord, I should learn how to play in cut time.  Anyway, we ran through the show for the first time today, with some mishaps involving half-naked men and amps turned up a little high.  As you can probably tell, playing in pit is pretty exciting, like a perpetual cheesecake fight.

Then I came cheesecake, ate cheesecake, practiced cheesecake, and am now thinking I’d rather go to cheesecake than do my English cheesecake.



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  1. Stacy / Mar 25 2009 11:43 pm

    Now I want cheesecake.

    … Dammit.

  2. Amy / Mar 26 2009 12:40 am

    Me too. Way to torture hungry people, April.

  3. Rafael Lizarralde / Mar 26 2009 12:49 am

    I had my computer read this… it was amazing. It sounds like GLaDOS, actually.

  4. Rafael Lizarralde / Mar 26 2009 12:50 am

    Oh, and a mathematician is a machine for turning cheesecake into theorems.

  5. April / Mar 26 2009 10:09 am

    My humble apologies to all who were distressed by the repeated references to cheesecake…

  6. Rachel / Mar 26 2009 11:34 pm

    Coffee. Cheesecake isn’t potent enough.

  7. Sarah / Mar 27 2009 7:33 am

    No, cheesecake is definitely potent enough.


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