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24 March 2009 / April


I’m sorry, Maddie, the post I promised you is in the works (where “the works” is just a slangy term for “my head”).  But I just had a really incredibly awkward phone call with a student at Reed College, and it is absolutely crucial that I write about it immediately.  Because Reed is awesome!  And I was accepted!

A not insignificant part of Reed’s appeal is that it’s my only West Coast college, and attending school in Portland, OR, would be incredibly exciting.  Probably incredibly rainy and caffeinated as well.  I can never spell caffeine.  Also they’ve got the whole “Communism, Atheism, Free Love” thing going for them.

Also I just ate a good quantity of cookies, so basically no news could seem like bad news to me right now.   Cookies and college acceptance and no Aida rehearsal FOR ONCE.  This is a good evening.

The phone call was awkward because the student asked if I had any questions about Reed, and I was immediately like “Gah what’s everything I ever wanted to know about Reed gah gah gah” (um, in “the works,” of course), and my answer was “Oh my god, Reed!  Whee!” which was rather unhelpful.  So I ended that call as elegantly as possible, which was pretty inelegantly.  I wish they could communicate through e-mail or big shiny folders like my other schools have.

But I’m not complaining.



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  1. Ron / Mar 24 2009 10:51 pm

    Not to worry, they’re used to that kind of reaction. 🙂

    • April / Mar 24 2009 11:44 pm

      That’s somewhat of a comfort…

      • Rafael Lizarralde / Mar 24 2009 11:54 pm

        Wait, why are you worrying about it? I’m sure you made that student’s day.

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