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16 March 2009 / April

Skidmore and Smith

And awesome scholarships to them both.  I know my enthusiasm towards each subsequent acceptance is dwindling, but 1) what do you expect?, 2) god I always type except instead of expect, and 3) after Williams and Swarthmore, you bet the enthusiasm’s going to be dwindling.

I was actually still really excited when I heard about Smith though, but it’s difficult to convey my brownie-fueled antics via the written word.  Speaking of brownies!  Ms. Z bakes them really well!  And the Aida pit consumes them really well too!  And the cast sings really well!  Wooo!  I’m really hyper!

Also today was beautifully warm and sunny, so much so that I decided to eat dinner outside, which is awesome.

Also in English we basically just watched the movie of Merchant of Venice instead of actually having to make “insightful” comments.  I wrote in my notes, “Gratiano is really annoying.”  Because he is.

Also in seminar we talked extensively about hâts, and CS and Latin were as hilarious as they always are.  We drew turtles and ate pancakes in Latin.  Turtle and pancake are both funny words.  All words are funny words today.

My life is awesome.

Interesting fact: this would have been a very, very different sort of entry if I had written it between 3 and 6 PM today.  Between 3 and 6 PM was when I thought a lot (which is always a mistake) and realized I’m kind of an insensitive bitch, and these college acceptances are not helping with that.  But I try not to make this an emo blog, so I’m glad I didn’t write this post between 3 and 6 PM.

So many exclamation points.



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  1. Hannah / Mar 16 2009 10:57 pm

    I guess AP Stats desensitizes students to hâts. They used to be entertaining.

  2. Kati / Mar 17 2009 9:38 pm

    Gratiano is supposed to be annoying. He’s like the literary transcription of me, with the addition of balls.

    And I’m not at all convinced that I’ve conveyed this properly lately, but I am SOOOOOOOOO (wow, I really am pretty obnoxious) proud of you! I wish you best of luck choosing from all these fantastic schools.

    • April / Mar 17 2009 10:13 pm

      Kati, Grati is much more annoying than you. And thank you, I will definitely need your well-wishes when I make my decision… eep!

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