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5 March 2009 / April

This week

For someone who has no life, I have a remarkable amount of stuff going on this week.

Okay, Monday was completely uneventful.  I wish I had had the foresight to enjoy that while it lasted.

Tuesday after school I joined Marza and Emerson for sushi and cookies and Applebee’s HEAVENLY Triple Chocolate Meltdown, which fulfilled my chocolate fix for at least a month.

… And by that I mean a trio competition in Syracuse.  Which we won!  Hooray!  Finally, one of my million competitions that I was able to win, and it was one in which our competitors were… sparse, let us say.


(Photo by… uh, the photographer dude who was there.  Not me or my camera.  That’s why it actually looks decent.)

Our prize is, among other wonderful things, the opportunity to perform with these fine musicians on April 4.  This means several things: 1) I need some quality concert clothing, stat.  I noticed this last year when I was playing multiple recitals a week and was basically alternating between blouses.  2) Our trio needs a name!  Any ideas?  Besides Ilonza?  3) That weekend is going to be hellish because it’s also when Aida is showing.

Speaking of which, Wednesday was the first pit orchestra rehearsal for Aida.  Wow, that was an interesting experience– not even including me banging on the door for a custodian so I could go in H-Building and get my music (what the fuck, since when do they lock up the school at like 5:30?).

First of all, the orchestra consists of a rock band portion, a couple winds, a piano, and an adorable little string section.  Guess where the keyboard fits in?  The rock band, of course.

Those of you who know me will immediately realize that my character is one ideally suited to being in a rock band.  You have permission to stop laughing now.

Other things I am not used to: adjusting the volume with a slider rather than my own reliable muscles; hitting buttons to change to, say, “Exotic Nasty Lead Synth Voice” (you can’t make this shit up) in the middle of a measure; pedals that run away from you; following a conductor; C-flats.

If our next rehearsal doesn’t go more smoothly for me, I’m putting my keyboard on “Machine Gun” (#466) and shooting up the place.  That’s what the machine gun setting does, you know.  It turns the keyboard into a machine gun.

Continuing along the week… today was busy but normal-busy.

And tomorrow might be a little odd.  We can talk about that later.


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