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27 February 2009 / April

Nature abhors half a bagel

… So I use a Mac and have gotten used to all the Mac keyboard shortcuts (well, not all of them), with cmd+whatever, except this morning I programmed on Windows for three hours, and though I first had trouble with the Windows keyboard shortcuts, typing alt when I was instinctively seeking cmd and really wanted ctrl, I got used to that and came home (eventually) and just now hit fn when I was seeking ctrl and really wanted cmd.

Which is a long way of saying, woo programming competition!

(I almost said “for the win,” but more accurately that would be “for the ‘win'” or even, consolatorily, “for the success” or “for the achievement” depending on how you define “achievement” and “success” and “‘win.'”  Anyway, if you want more info about exactly how badly we, um, achieved, I guess it will be here eventually.)

To describe today in any detail would be an undertaking far beyond me at the moment, as I have been awake for uhhhhhhh can’t do math 18-ish? hours.  (You say confusing, I say stream of consciousness.)  After four hours of sleep.  And no coffee.

Until we reached St. Bonaventure, where there was not only coffee but MUFFINS, which made everything worthwhile.  My point is that I am tired, so you get to read a bunch of quotations instead of whatever you were actually expecting when you came here.  If you know me and the kinds of people who would attend a computer science competition, you can probably fill in the blanks.

Someone upon observing my sleepiness: “They’ll have coffee there.”
Me: “Will they have 12 hours of sleep there?”
Josh: “Yes, they sell sleep in cans now.”
Ms. T: “Thank you for coming out here at the crack of dawn–”
Me: “The crack of dawn?  This is before the crack of dawn!  I don’t see any dawn cracking!”

Ari at lunch: “Hey Jacob, will you do a favor for me, as a fellow Jew?”

Contest assistant to another: “Uh, Ithaca-Brown [Team Ridikulos’ “official” name] turned off their computer.”
Jacob: “Yeah, I think I hit the button with my knee…”
Me, a little loudly: “… Go Ithaca!”

Raffi, summarizing Black Sheep (which we all need to get together and watch sometime): “And then they look around, and there’s a wave of sheep coming over the hill–”
Me: “The phrase ‘wave of sheep’ needs to be incorporated into conversations more often.”

Jacob, titling a future game: “Unicorn Catcher: Satan’s Revenge.”

Me, after Hannah takes half a bagel from our supplies: “I’ll take this half of the bagel, because … nature abhors half a bagel.”

So it was an awesome day despite rainy weather and ridiculously early departure times, because Team Ridikulos and our little sibling team are awesome and we didn’t do as shitty a job as we could have.  There, how’s that for self-esteem.



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  1. daging / Sep 26 2011 10:21 pm

    That was some interpretive article


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