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24 February 2009 / April;

Interestingly enough*, I have been trying to formulate a nontrivial blog post for about the past four days, and every time, the result boils down to, “Programming is taking over my life.”

Probably the best story I have to tell would be from yesterday evening, when I ran out of Duffield Hall THE VERY INSTANT my bus was driving past.  This bus, of course, being the very last one of the day going within a two hour walk from my ridiculously isolated abode.  I had walked up Gun Hill earlier, which admittedly tolerable with the energy of brownies swiped from the Tattler Proofs Party and the company of Josh and Jacob.  But I was not walking home.  I was catching that bus.

So I ran behind it and caught up to it at the next stop.  Lest you think I am in any way physically phit, I should note that its next stop was not all that far away.

That’s a nice story, but why do you think I was at Duffield Hall with Josh, Jacob, and Rayleigh?  Destroying the world multiple times through the sheer force of incompetence.  And by that I mean programming, obviously.  (I’m not doing the other three justice when I speak of incompetence, of course.  It was more a combination of my own personal reserves of incompetence, which are vast and plentiful, and the incompetence that results from too many brains being forced to collaborate.)

Usually 8th period is a pretty reliable source of bloggable material, but what did I do 8th period today?  More of what I did yesterday evening.  More programming.  This time we actually managed to save the world, but does it even count when it has already been destroyed and when every single other team in the competition has already beaten us?

I can almost guarantee that we will have much more fun losing than they will winning.

My final idea for a non-programming related blog tidbit was the heart-warming tale of how I was reunited with my reflector loop, which was waiting faithfully right where I had left it.  But where exactly was “right where I had left it”?  Comp Sci.

In fact, I even received a request in CS to write a blog post about editing Ms. T’s review book, which fortunately did not result in Ms. T asking me about my blog, because that might be awkward.  It did result in a long digression about how I could make money by selling Ms. T’s material to the vast numbers of people in the world interested in purchasing such a valuable thing as an AP Computer Science Level A Practice Exam.

Of course, as I’ve noted before, I’m always very happy to take blog requests.  Thus have I fulfilled this one.  (Sneaky, wasn’t it.)

Anyway, all of this is, well, interesting enough to the approximately 3.2 people involved.  But meanwhile everyone else is still scratching their collective head about the title of this post– and grateful that at least I didn’t write the entire post in Java.  Which I was seriously considering!

It would be immensely elegant and readable code, for one thing, and then you could run it as a program and it would bake you a cheesecake.


* Mental note: begin every post– no, every sentence— with “interestingly enough.”  Everything that follows then becomes interesting by default.



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  1. Hannah / Feb 25 2009 12:17 am


  2. April / Feb 25 2009 9:25 am

    April.agree(); // But it will be a brief one…

  3. Rafael Lizarralde / Feb 25 2009 4:34 pm

    Deity chaos = new Deity();
    chaos.command(Raffi, affirm);

  4. April / Feb 25 2009 5:17 pm



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