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18 February 2009 / April


(NB: some of the following is very grammatically questionable.)

The morning was coffee and Gatsby and mirrors.

At 11-ish I walked from CTB to IC and nearly didn’t make it due to extremely strong winds.  It was fairly insane.

Then there were full computer labs and full practice rooms and a lot of wandering around feeling desolate, till a savior let me take his room, where the low E-flat and some other notes rang eerily and persistently after their hammers had long fallen back.  But I wasn’t complaining.

We had a trio coaching with Lizzy, which was in a way exhausting, and when I ventured outside again it didn’t seem to be raining, so I walked back downtown.  Soon it was snowing.  Soon it was snowing harder.  I’ve concluded that if it’s not going to be warm and it’s not going to be sunny, big fluffy snowflakes materializing from a slate gray sky to tickle your cheeks is the best sort of weather condition to be walking around in.

Unfortunately, the wetness of melted snow interfered slightly with the touch screen on my iPod.  The result being me trying to turn down the volume– and having it instead shoot all the way up.  Ouch.

Then, using the common sense for which I am so renowned, I clumsily tried to turn it down rather than just yanking out my earbuds and hurling them to the far corners of the universe.  It took a while before I realized the latter alternative might be more healthy for my eardrums.

By that point I was feeling a little dazed.  And suddenly I felt an intense desire for a muffin.

I went to Green Star.  Of course there would be muffins at Green Star.  Of course there were no muffins at Green Star.  Of course there were bagels and Luna bars and a thousand other things at Green Star, but of course I wanted a muffin– a big, fluffy, delicious muffin– and of course nothing else would do.

I walked down the Commons, looking at stores as I passed them and carefully considering candidates for muffin productivity.  There are no muffins at Autumn Leaves.  There may be muffins at Brötchen, but I didn’t want to go back to Brötchen… because.  I directed my footsteps towards CTB because there were surely muffins there, but come on, I had already been to CTB that day.  And then I was afraid that there would be no muffins, that muffins were an exclusively morning food and no one would have muffins, and the disappointment of going to a second place whole-heartedly expecting muffins, and again finding none, would be so much worse than relinquishing potential muffins in all their uncertain quasi-existence.  So I turned around and went back to Autumn Leaves, where there would be cookies with a large degree of certainty.  I ate a cookie.  It was a wonderful cookie.  But it was not a muffin.

It occurred to me that this was pretty much my life: wanting muffins, not getting muffins, rejecting possible muffins out of fear for the worst, getting cookies instead.

Anyway.  By evening it was still snowing, the flakes now mixed with sleet, and it is decidedly less pleasant to drive in such conditions than to walk in them.  We canceled church rehearsal and headed homeward.  We had just turned up Mitchell Street when we were immediately horrified to see a car skidding out of control down the slope and slamming directly into a telephone pole with a gut-wrenching crunch.  Traffic stopped.

We turned around and went another way.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Feb 18 2009 10:30 pm

    … about the traffic accident… yikes.

    As for the touchscreens, the iTouch and iPhone use a kind of touchscreen that senses contact via disturbances in an electromagnetic field generated on the surface of the screen, so basically anything conductive (including water) will perform a “touch”.

    The second to last paragraph was very deep. You might substitute it for your current Facebook blurb… but then again when I went to it and checked to see if it was still there I burst out laughing again, so maybe not.

  2. April / Feb 18 2009 10:59 pm

    The accident was probably not as bad as it seems here, but it was pretty bad when we were just about to try to navigate that slope…

    And the Facebook blurb is probably staying, but there’s always my “about me” section to be filled.


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