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15 February 2009 / April

Food. Webcomics. Overheard in New York.

The following very selective list of my tags for Google Reader is not at all representative of what I read online.  That would be a much duller list, with lots of tags like “interesting” or “web2.0” or “human stupidity” or “architecture.”

Instead, these are some of the tags that seemed most random to me, the ones that made me curious as to what I would possibly tag with such a thing.

So I clicked on stuff and made this post.

The point of this exercise was thus more to satisfy my own curiosity than anything else, but if you’re curious too, I’ve included some links.  (They’re not as interesting as my Totally Awesome Stuff.  Also there are a lot more of them.)

You will find that I have a really idiosyncratic way of tagging stuff.

9: The Perfect Clock for NERDS.  Not actually, in my opinion.

advil: The Advil Taste Test Challenge

asian: Lots of stuff here, including Why do more Asians have perfect pitch?

assassin: Fortress of Assassins

bagels: With no cream cheese? I’ll Trade You Three Holes for Three Holes

batteries: What a Plot Twist!

beep: One Day the City Began to Speak to Stanley

camels: Undomesticated Wednesday One-Liners

carpe diem: Sheldon 12/30/07

cheese: I’m Thinking!  I’m Thinking!

chickens: 52 Pickup Cartoon and similar comics, of course, but also Unrelated to Our Discussion of Chekhov, but Important to Know Nonetheless.

cranberries: Sheldon 11/22/07

cupcakes: Lots, but most mouth-wateringly (yes, it’s an adverb), Bisou Cupcakes.

cuttlefish: So I have this  friend… and he’s the only reason this tag exists.  Cuttlefish

evil ninja kitten: O hai (kitten tuesday)

eyebrows: A high-brow post

fubsy: …Oh, Fubs!

grandmother: Wednesday One-Liners Are Moving to Florida Soon

gödel: Inevitably. Fetishes

hear hear: I have lots of tags like this, expressing agreement in various ways.  Listen, Dammit.

i hope that was sarcasm: Also tags commenting on content. Not Having to Think Frees Up a Lot of Time for Watching Reality TV

kite: If A Kite Had Eyes

lovely day to take a walk: So I have this sister… and she, and a coincidence, are the only reasons this tag exists.  i was wolverine for a day last week…

luke: Play Time Cartoon

muffins: Inevitably. You’ll Be Sorry — This Is a Limited-Time Muffin!

mulch: Mulch madness.

mushroom: Less inevitably.  You should read more about the Tree Brain because it is an epic tale of… fungus.  Steve, Don’t Eat It! – The Tree Brain

NSFW: This link is, in fact, safe for work. Fark Wants To Trademark Not Safe For Work

ouch: Her Summer Vacation Essay Will Be a Book

parasites: Ant berries are yummy

pickles: Mr. J would say inevitably; I would disagree and our APUSH class would be off-track forever.  Why am I using the subjunctive?  Pickles Require a Sin Tax, for Obvious Reasons

pigeons: The Intrepid Pigeoneers

potatoes: 2008: Year of the Potato

sex: … A surprising number of these are XKCD, most recently Base System.

sheep: Rockin’ Rocking Sheep

sigh: iPhoto Gets A Facelift

socks: Socks like Candy

sombrero: Here belongs a comic that is now offline, but the tag still amuses me.

space-time: Sheldon 11/10/07

spatula: See “sombrero.”

spoon, fork, spork: Spork Cartoon

squee: You need to know Sheldon to get this at all.  The Unbearable Lightness of “Squee”

theoretically: You need to know The Tree Brains to get this at all.  Remember That Time…

tic-tac-toe on a torus!: Hands down my favorite tag.  Newsy tidbits

toast: And now I’ve solved global warming

torte: Sheldon 12/2/07

Wedday: A blog post that is now private.

Wednesday: May help explain the previous tag?  More Than Just a Wednesday One-Liner

weener: Uh… Sheldon 2/10/08

wtf: Sometimes nothing else will do.  There are so many here, like God’s Chosen Planet and I’ve Become Negligent in My Negligence and and and.

your mom: 28-Hour Day



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  1. April / Feb 15 2009 10:28 pm

    … I sincerely hope no one actually clicks on all those links.

  2. Rafael Lizarralde / Feb 15 2009 11:24 pm

    I clicked on around 5… before realizing there were way too many. I’m rather flattered by the dedicated tag, by the way.

  3. Amy / Feb 16 2009 10:15 pm

    I clicked all of them!
    Post-recital music student

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