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13 February 2009 / April


Today was the day before break, so obviously many exciting things happened.  Including, in no particular order: catching unicorns, laughing at Maria, sunshine, peanut noodles with cocaine and salmonella, doing everything twice and backwards, happy National Merit news, popcorn, deflowering, and other such SHENANIGANS.

(Thank you Kendra.  You win the nicknaming contest.)

I could actually make this post completely about how distracted (yet strangely productive!) we were in Latin class, but instead I will talk about CS and how I finally brought in my class absence form for the programming competition.  It was annoying because I was just waiting on the PE signature and it’s really inconvenient bringing paper to PE… but anyway.

At the beginning of class I cavorted over and presented the form to Her Majesty Ms. T.  She glanced at it, signed it herself, to my surprise– and gave it back to me, to my further surprise.

“Wait, no.”  I handed it back to her.  “This is yours.”

“Oh!  Okay.”  She examined it a bit more carefully.  “But I have to give it back to you because you still need to get the rest of the signatures.”

“Um, no, actually.  That’s it.”

“What?  These are all the classes you’re taking?!”

“Yeah.  I know, I know!  I’m an underachiever!”

“April,” interjected Ryan, “you are not allowed to call yourself an underachiever.”

Okay, I’m arguably a perfectionist (even though I lost points on the recursion test out of sheer laziness), but I’m only taking about 3.8 classes this semester, so I don’t think I’m an overachiever.  Maybe I’m just an achiever.

Yay!  It’s break!



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  1. Kati / Feb 13 2009 9:56 pm

    Happy national merit news??

  2. April / Feb 13 2009 10:15 pm


  3. Rafael Lizarralde / Feb 13 2009 11:14 pm


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