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9 February 2009 / April

In which I inadvertently insult Harvard

But before I got to that, I had to spend a couple periods of my day fixing my schedule and giving myself a recursion-related headache by studying the review book.  Which was actually really useful, because a good portion of the CS test was taken from the review book.

I also had to go to a few other classes, and do some number theory, and discuss the nature of time and human intelligence in Latin class– which was just as profound as you would expect from any conversation between Maddie and myself.

And of course Kati, Molly, and I had to egotistically and hilariously take a million photos with Photobooth.  The many obligations of being a second semester senior.  What an arduous life we lead.

Photo 77

Photo 94

Oh, then there was a fairly pointless NHS meeting and NOT Googling photos of sodomy in the library and walking downtown.  And then I got to go to a Harvard interview and suggest strongly that Harvard students go to Harvard purely for the name brand.  Which I don’t believe.

Anyway, the interview was amusing because it was only the interviewer’s second ever, so he was a little awkward and more than a little uncertain.  We also seemed oddly similar; for instance, we both took German for a few years and stopped because the teacher was terrible.  And then he went on to Harvard!  Clearly, that is the school for me.

I wanted to ask about pirates, but I refrained.


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