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25 January 2009 / April

Look what I bought today!

Photo 44

And He was just over $28 too.

I had grand plans for my five hours at IC this evening.  I was going to eat a little dinner, finish a little programming, practice a lot of piano, translate a lot of Latin, and hopefully, somewhere in there, find some time to blog about the fantastic talk I had just seen Mario Livio give with the same title as his new book, Is God a Mathematician? Because it involved knot theory!  And Gödel!  And general mathematical awesomeness!  How could I not blog about it?  Indeed, I could not and have not.

At any rate, those were my ambitious plans.  Then I forgot to bring dinner.  And then I started programming.

I had started the JunkMail project like two or three weeks ago and gotten basically all the code written, OR SO I THOUGHT.  Somehow, “little” touch-ups and comments and design and writing the actual junk mail form letter that was to be manipulated by my program– somehow that took over three hours.  The result being probably the least polished and most brute force-ish program my feeble mind has ever generated.

At this point, however, I hardly care.  Because you know what’s in two days?  The Latin midterm.  And you know who still has like 200 lines to translate and four entire books to review before then?  Me!  And you know who somehow doesn’t have any free periods tomorrow?  Me!  And you know who probably should not be rambling pointlessly right now?  ME ME ME.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Jan 25 2009 11:15 pm

    Someone recommended to me “The Well-dressed Ape”, and I thought you would enjoy it. Heh… now you have five books >:D

  2. April / Jan 26 2009 8:48 am

    ………. Now I have five books? I am not sure what you mean.

    Oh! I now know what you mean! But I can’t review a book I haven’t read yet.

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