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22 January 2009 / April

What is the tip of the iceberg?

Today was much better than yesterday, particularly because it ended with Emerson, Marza, and my first rehearsal of Dvorak’s Dumky trio. It was fun, even though everyone’s bows and ears were at risk of being snapped and stabbed respectively in our very small practice room.

It was also better despite the fact that I spent 2nd period taking a difficult CS test, which we had to do outside of class since we spent Tuesday watching the inauguration. I was the first person to do it. I could easily have done it later, like during one of my four (or sometimes zero) free periods or the four whole days of exam week, but I unfortunately know my study habits too well to believe that giving myself more days would mean getting more days to study. Hah.

Anyway, what I’m ACTUALLY here to do is tell you about the dream I had last night, because I tried telling it during CS but failed utterly because I couldn’t remember the punchline. Yes, my dream has a punchline. Stay with me here.

Since I tell dreams a lot here, I will make a couple notes. First, I dream about very mundane and realistic things, like bus rides and blogging and, of course, cats in chemistry class. And I actually dream about anything that matters to me in the least, so if I have a dream about my calc teacher or, say, you, it is not creepy. You should be more worried if I don’t dream about you, because that means you are completely insignificant in my life and that is a sad, sad fate indeed.

Also, beginning NOW I will narrate my dreams in the present tense, because that’s what I do in my journals, and it gets hard switching that present-tense mentality just for blogging purposes. Quotation marks indicate actual quotes from the dream.  Square brackets indicate commentary external to the action of the dream.

Enough! It is time for the dream, which will now be a complete let-down because of that lengthy preamble.  April: Ruining her own blog posts since 2006.

I’m in my multivariable calc section, and we’re doing a (single variable calculus) review problem from the overhead screen. The problem is to “find the volume of a cylinder whose radius varies from 5 to 12.” [It’s basically a truncated cone. The height isn’t given…] It takes a while for me to remember how to do this with cross-sections and such, but I’m quite proud of myself when I finally do.

Oh, and Silviana is sitting next to me!  [Silviana!  Why are you not in my math classes?]

At some point, Mr. D comes in through a door behind me and to my left [a door that doesn’t actually exist]. He’s obviously good friends with my TA; they chat, and soon, inevitably, Mr. D is telling jokes. One of them is, “What is the tip of the iceberg?” to which the answer is…

“A memory stick.”

I woke up then with that joke vivid in my mind.  And if anyone can tell me how the HELL that is funny, more power to you.


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