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15 January 2009 / April

Stuff and things and acronyms

So, don’t know if you’ve heard (or felt), but it’s actually mind-numbingly cold today/tonight/tomorrow and I mean that literally.  As in my mind.  Is.  Numb.

Which means it’s a good day to walk up to Cornell!

Which I’m doing tomorrow, assuming school isn’t canceled for -20 degree windchill (no clue what I’m going to do if school is canceled, come to think of it…).  I’m heading to the Johnson to volunteer for a Library Foundation event, and maybe on the way I’ll pay a visit to Day Hall and FINALLY get my grades for Linear Algebra, which must’ve ended about three years ago considering how little I remember from that class.  Orthogonally diagonalizable?  Must be symmetric. *

To proceed to the complete opposite of Linear Algebra, in PE today the mats on one half of the wrestling room were rolled up, so instead of just rolling up the rest of them and using the room like a regular gym, we played “scatter lead-up-to-handball” on just half a gym.  Which was hysterically lame, because most people just stood on the periphery and held balls awkwardly and got yelled at by our teacher for not moving around.

And why has dodgeball been banned and why do we play it even if it’s been banned and why don’t they just call it dodgeball instead of “lead-up-to-handball” because guess what, no one’s being fooled.  Grawr.

Oh god, I feel a gym rant coming on.  Quick!  CS anecdote, stat!  Apparently, my old Calc/seminar teacher Mr. D has given me some sort of reputation as a miracle review book error-spotter.  Of course, I would argue that the main reason for that is that I was one of very few people who actually did the review problems in Calc, and it’s difficult to find errors if you don’t do the problems.  Plus it’s difficult not to find errors when they are thick as blackberries.  And that Calc book was one big blackberry bush.  What am I talking about?  A CS anecdote?

It’s actually not an anecdote at all.  Ms. T asked me to proofread something for her review book, asked me as though I would ever say no to Ms. T.  Then she handed me a fat envelope, which was not in fact a wad of cash but something better– forms for the programming competition.

There are so many competitions coming up it’s not even funny.  Not even including music, I have the NACLO (yay!), the AMC, the programming thing, some weird math thing that isn’t actually math but like writing a research paper, probably an NLE somewhere in there.  I may be missing something.  I actually mostly just try not to think about it, because if I do I would undergo an extended explosive process from now till ever, and that would be fairly unpleasant.

ION: I spent yesterday from 2-5:30 PM with Kati– going to IC to record beautiful (well, on her part) music and meet her fantastic voice teacher, going to CTB to eat and talk about how we’re NOT going to Winter Formal, running across roads on red lights and slipping on ice (instant karma), and generally enjoying ourselves.

Sort of like freshman year Commons excursions, combined with sophomore year Jodish jamming, combined with intense cold.  Yay.

* Haiku.  Hah.  Wow, I kind of really miss math class.

APPENDIX A: Acronyms explained, in order of appearance.
PE: Physical Education. Lucky bastard, you’ve clearly been out of the public school system for a while.
CS: Computer Science. You’re clearly not a regular reader. Probably also a lucky bastard.
NACLO: North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad.
AMC: American Mathematics Competition.
NLE: National Latin Exam.
ION: In other news. I take full credit for this minor piece of brilliance.
PM: Post meridian.
IC: Ithaca College.
CTB: Collegetown Bagels, also known as the best dinner place in town.



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  1. Rachel / Jan 16 2009 12:05 am

    Most of this could have been my life at some point (except like NLE) … maybe we really are the same person.

  2. April / Jan 16 2009 7:41 pm

    Yeah, I seem to remember you complaining about how many competitions were happening at one point…

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