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13 January 2009 / April

The Nobel Prize-winning blog post

Wow, I sure picked a great day to promise my recently de-creepified blog-reading buddy (… hi Devin!) that I would write a completely hilariously wondrous blog post.  Note to self: never promise anyone to write a completely hilariously wondrous blog post.  It’s not going to happen.

Because you know where I just spent the past hour and a half-ish?  A Board of Ed meeting!  For Government class!  So exciting!  Can you hear my voice oozing with enthusiasm?

They talked about budget mostly, the gist of their discussion being: damn, we don’t have much money.  Programs and staff must be cut.  Taxes must be raised.  Woe is us.

Do you see how I did that?  Concisely.  Not using the phrases “As I’ve mentioned before” or “Needless to say” or even that little word “again” that is always followed by an endless string of words that you’ve already uttered.  Chances are, we figured it out the first time, or we don’t care.  Either way, you needn’t repeat yourself ad nauseam.

And while I didn’t get to enjoy the baked goods (i.e. bribes from German students not wanting their classes cut) that apparently made an appearance at previous meetings, I did luck out in that I arrived just a wee bit late and the meeting was rather on the short side.  So after hanging out and ranting about high school with Grace and Aminatta for a while, I got to go home pretty early, feeling fairly energized and still with a spark of life in my eyes, albeit dimmed.

A few other things of note happened today.  Let’s go backwards, because that’s always fun, until you hit a tree.

We listened to a recording of the winter concert in afterschool choir today.  It was a little sickening.  Being in tune?  What’s that?  Wait, tell me again, my eardrums seem to have shattered.

But we did get to laugh at certain people who sing really, really, really loudly.  (Loomis: “So, what did you hear in that piece?”  Everyone: “JEREMY.”)

Some idiot pulled the fire alarm or burned their popcorn or exhaled too vigorously or something between 7th and 8th periods.  Luckily I happened to be at my locker.  So I very calmly finished entering my combination, put away my gym clothes, got my coat, and then started evacuating the building.  Staying warm is very important to me.

As is not being burned to a crisp, but I’m sure if you checked out the stats, the chances of getting caught in a fire at a high school are probably significantly lower than those of catching a chill, so I think I’ve got my priorities straight.

… Tree!

Phew, missed it.

We now skip a few uninteresting classes in our regression through time and come to… CS!  Where we learned that, guess what, PEOPLE SHOULD READ GEB.  Then we would not be so befuddled by recursion, now would we?

It was actually highly amusing (and ego-inflating for me), because Ms. T wrote a recursive method on the board and asked everyone what they thought the output would be.  My result was something ridiculous, or so it seemed, and no one supported me– besides Josh, who will clearly go far in life, because he knows where to place his bets.  Because I was totally right.  I’m going to shut up about it now since even I can tell it’s really obnoxious, but let me tell you, being totally right feels totally awesome.

In Lit we decided that instead of referring to nouns, we would speak of “noun-y things,” as in “We’re going to take a quizzy thing now” and “Will this quizzy thing have a gradey thing?”  That lasted about 37 seconds, max.  The problem with this way of talking, besides the obvious “No one else does this, weirdo” problem, is that it coincidentally smacks of recursion if you think about it, since “thing” is also a noun…

And that’s pretty much the beginning of my day, believe it or not.



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  1. Rachel / Jan 14 2009 12:45 am

    Yeah, you’d get stuck at ““We’re going to take a quizzy thingy thingy thingy …”

  2. Amy / Jan 14 2009 1:24 pm

    German students bringing baked goods to BoE meetings? I wonder whose idea that was… I’m not sure I know of any German teachers who regularly asks students to provide baked goods…

  3. Sarah / Jan 14 2009 3:15 pm

    you have no idea how glad I am you missed that tree… if only because reviewing your day backwards is highly amusing and I am looking forward to the next gorgeous entry which does the same. 🙂

    also: brava on your concise-ness.

  4. Sarah / Jan 14 2009 3:27 pm

    oh, and I am also tragically sad that I missed after-school choir. but… I didn’t suck during debate class today and my partner and I actually have a chance of winning this round because I skipped. (although I don’t think if Mr. Loomis will like that reason.)

  5. April / Jan 14 2009 8:31 pm

    Sarah: I think he should be forgiving since we didn’t actually work on any music during rehearsal, we just laughed at ourselves… good luck on your debates!

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