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7 January 2009 / April

Salient memories

Our Government teacher has possibly gone insane.  We walked in and the room smelled chemical because she had transformed into a cleaning whirlwind that soon swept all who entered into its control.  “Why are we doing this?” I tentatively asked as I scrubbed suds off desks with a soggy tissue.  “These desks are DISGUSTING!” she railed. “People WRITE on them and SNEEZE on them and I think I’m getting SICK.  Ew, it’s a FINGERNAIL.”

Guidance is very silly sometimes.

Hm.  Let me amend that.  The guidance office is very silly sometimes.  Though I suppose guidance can be silly sometimes too, if it is provided by a silly person.

Upon getting back my last programming project, for which I got a surprisingly high grade despite the fact that it didn’t even work as intended, I decided, after much careful deliberation, to give myself a papercut, via the edge of that very project no less, which I then proceeded to do with much skill, resulting in a cut on the knuckle of my right thumb just barely deep enough to draw blood; but draw blood it did, so I fished out a band-aid from the many (i.e. two) I keep in my bag for just such a situation, wrapped it carefully around my thumb, and all was well, and the sentence finally ended.

Popcorn is its own excuse for being.  But Rebecca’s jacket has no excuse being in the Tattler’s microwave.

Epiphany alert!  Piano lessons are so much nicer when you’ve actually practiced for them!  Except playing Prokofiev makes my right pinkie hurt, for a number of difficult-to-explain reasons relating to fingernails and the hardness of piano keys.  So now I have a band-aid on my pinkie, which means I often type {rokofiev instead of Prokofiev.

I’m starting to think there are two major threads to my life: one is something to do with academics that I haven’t quite figured out yet, but the other is “Music is not for the fucking faint of heart.”  (The fucking is an integral part of that, in case you were wondering.)  (Wow, never thought I’d find myself writing that sentence.)

Maddie is a chunk of chunks.  Discuss.



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  1. Amy / Jan 7 2009 1:16 pm

    Definitely just had to look up “salient.” Not fair that you’re becoming smarter than I am…

  2. April / Jan 7 2009 4:09 pm

    Um, I’m sorry…

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