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2 January 2009 / April

Mac makeover

Somehow I decided it would be a fantastic idea to spend the first days of 2009 giving my Mac a minor makeover.  Minor only because ShapeShifter isn’t compatible with Leopard.

First, though, I had to learn how to do such a thing, because I’ve never done it before.  It involves lots of burrowing into obscure bundles and swapping out files with funny names.  (Newsflash!  April is not a computer geek!  Could you tell?)

Then I had to try out all the billions of wallpaper/icon/dock combinations that are available on the intertubes for free.  I’m still not completely satisfied, but here’s what I have.  Click to enlarge, because you know you’re curious about that icon in the middle.

All in all a time-consuming process, but it’s kind of fun.  And with all the options out there, I can pretty easily switch things up if I choose, thus confirming again that you are never bored with a Mac.  Not that you can’t do any of this with Windows, but don’t even try using logic with a Mac lover.

In other news, I still haven’t applied to all of my colleges yet.  Yaaaaay.


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