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30 December 2008 / April

This is my printer


He does a lot of work, like printing massive CS projects and application supplements.  He also scans, which is immensely useful, except it’s difficult to scan anything thicker than, say, a single sheet of paper.  Which makes photocopying music from books very troublesome.

Also, his ink is expensive and he sometimes gets paper jams.

In order to access my printer, you must step into the Ring of Random Crap.  (Unless you have extremely long arms and a good sense of balance.)


We shall now go on a brief tour of the Ring of Random Crap, beginning in the upper left and moving clockwise. (This was going to involve a nice labeled photograph, but I got lazy.)

First we have an envelope, on which is written, somewhat deceptively:

MOZART K. 465 (I)
exposition only!

I suppose it must have contained this music at one point, but during its time in my possession all it has contained is the de Beriot A minor Violin Concerto and a bunch of CDs that I mailed to colleges.  Beneath this envelope is Beloved (crap, have got to start reading that), my English notebook, the band/choir concert program, a bunch of Tattlers, Ms. T’s AP CS review book, and a battery charger.

Next we find a pink owl shaped like a ball, or perhaps a pink ball shaped like an owl, and a pencil case I no longer use because it is (1) too heavy (not really, I just don’t like carrying stuff), (2) too loud (it opens and closes with a snap), and (3) too distracting (white out! pennies! grade slips! Bingo chips! panda sticker!).

Next we find… a stack of blank paper, of two varieties.  Incidentally, it seems that Staples no longer sells plain loose leaf paper?  Because we don’t use that in the modern world, or something?  There’s also an empty ink cartridge box.

Then there’s a full ink cartridge box, plus a Latin dictionary that I never really use and a pack of cards that I don’t use either.

The first stack of college mail we come across is the stuff I’ve looked at.  The second is the unopened stuff.  The second is larger than the first.  Both are negligible compared to the stuff I’ve thrown away unopened.

Next are two CS textbooks that I had completely forgotten about until they recently revealed themselves from the ever-evolving Ring.

Next is the Aeneid (crap, have got to start translating that), under which are some miscellaneous Government-related papers, my orange binder of vocal music, and my Linear Algebra notebook.

And then we’re back to the beginning.  I hope you have enjoyed your visit to the Ring of Random Crap.  Come again!


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