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24 December 2008 / April


The Christmas Eve service involved piano by candlelight and lots of love.  God’s, of course.

Then Amy and I underwent a minor fiasco involving dark parking lots and mothers, and when we finally all made it home, we decided to just HAVE CHRISTMAS ALREADY, because we wanted to mollify our mother with presents and all this waiting was just crap anyway.

The spoils for me included: (from a while ago) a warm fuzzy scarf and a gift card to CTB; (from today) a warm fuzzy Moosewood hoodie and a whole ton of unexpected cash from the church.  Happy materialism yay!  And sincere thanks to all.

Now, back to what I’ve been spending the past two days reading.  I feel almost required to link to this, but seriously, unless you are not planning to do anything at all productive for a long time, or unless your sense of humor is not like mine (although you may not even find it funny and yet still get addicted), you should NOT click on this link.  You have been warned.

Insert obligatory wishing of a happy nondenominational winter holiday here.


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