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20 December 2008 / April

A list

I am in the mood for a list.

1. School!  My “school day” on Wednesday consisted of two free periods, two periods of classes (themselves consisting of  watching a movie and playing with digital bugs), two periods of choir rehearsal (woooooo), and two more free periods.

It’s because my days are like that that I didn’t so much mind having school on Friday, except for the slight safety issue of buses driving kids home in a blizzard.  And the fact that every other school district in the area was closed.

2. Choir concert!  I love that Mr. L asked me many, many times whether or not I needed someone to hold up my music, I brushed off his concerns, and of course experienced serious issues trying to keep my music up myself while playing synthesizer.  And of course this only happened during the concert and not the rehearsal.  Of course.

3. Cookies!

4. I wrote a poem in English!  Eva and Jingpeng helped, but they weren’t responsible for the first few lines.  Props to them for valiantly attempting to salvage the randomness I left them.  In its entirety:

Puppies and kittens and birds with their tweeting
Will all one day die, as life is so fleeting.
But though this fact may make you feel sad,
Take heart!  Reality isn’t that bad,
For like music, though physical things may decay,
Dust into dust, sweet notes turning gray,
Their spirits will live, on this you can bet,
As MP3s and pixels on the internet.

Our work will live on in this electronic age,
Everything preserved in the bars of a cage.
But life does not trap us and take our freedom away:
We are free to determine what we do each day,
As a composer willfully writes each not in a song,
A masterpiece is well-loved and lives long.
Perhaps there are only a few wrongs
That cannot be lifted by whistling a song.

IN MY DEFENSE, the first two lines sounded a lot better IN MY HEAD.

5. Things that happen in the Tattler office!  Like Pixar shorts, Maddie eating brains, chess games, The Dark Knight, and really delicious dumplings (om nom nom).

6. Josh’s hilarious new nickname!  As bestowed by Ms. T in CS.  I won’t put it here because he might do terrible things to me if he found out.*

7. This conversation!

Maddie: “Hey April, guess what I found out this morning?”
Me: “Your Latin packet.”
Maddie: “Oh shoot, no… And it’s what I found out, not what I found.”
Me: “Oh.  You got into college.” (She’s a junior, but basically all the news I’ve been hearing from my other friends is of this nature.)
Maddie: “Already?! … No.”
Me: “You won the lottery.”
Maddie: “No.  It’s not about me.”
Me: “I won the lottery.”
Jenny: “Yeah, and they told Maddie.”
Maddie: “Okay, I’m just going to tell you…”

What was it?  What you say when someone coughs, like “Bless you!” for sneezes.  This turns out to be useful, because when Maddie is about to cough, she inhales just like NORMAL people do when they’re about to sneeze, so you get all ready to say “Bless you” and are sorely disappointed when it’s just a cough.

According to Marza, you can say something that I can’t spell but is pronounced something like “chutza kutza.”  But I haven’t found any confirmation via internet, so I suspect Marza just made it up…

8. Break!

9. … College applications!

* This is the annoying thing about people you know actually reading your blog.  It means you have to worry about people you know actually reading your blog.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Dec 20 2008 3:16 pm

    I’m pretty sure every other school district in the whole state was closed, not just the area.

  2. April / Dec 20 2008 5:23 pm

    Most likely.

  3. Sarah / Dec 22 2008 11:48 am

    love the poem. 😀

  4. Kati / Dec 22 2008 3:05 pm

    Teehee. I’m ALWAYS in the mood for a list. I think that’s the first thing I did with my breaktime. The subject: work needing to be done in my breaktime (college apps, Aida audition prep, writing letters to my family in Germany, tons of work on a scholarship, etc…)

    also, was that the poem we were supposed to write about christmassy things? Way to be a downer, y’all…

  5. April / Dec 22 2008 5:44 pm

    Sarah: Thanks!

    Kati: We didn’t have an assignment to “write about christmassy things.” We just had to write a poem… randomly… with three people each writing a stanza (or part of one, as the case may be).

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